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best sandwich at reading terminal market

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Which sandwich is the best? A cheesesteak? The pork sandwich? The carved roast turkey sandwich? Tell all your favorites...I'm trying to decide!

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  1. My vote goes to the DiNic's Roast Pork with Greens and Cheese

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    1. re: jessicheese

      I would second (or third or fourth) the DiNic's vote, and just add that I do a mix of the roasted peppers and the spinach, and then I put on a healthy dose of the banana peppers, and the result is one of my favorite things in the whole city, not just the RTM.

      1. re: jameshz

        I was there two weeks ago, and also two weeks before that, and both sandwiches were incredibly juicy, and wonderfully delicious. The quality has never wavered in the two dozen or so times I've had a DiNic's rost pork Italian.

        1. re: jameshz

          I'm not sure if the quality went down hill but I do know the last two times I've had a sandwich there, they were both dry and disappointing. I have to throw my vote at the rib sandwich from the Amish.

          1. re: Tonyjlive

            Just ate at DiNics last week. Had the brisket sandwich instead of the roast pork. It was good. The new deli looks interesting. Might have to give that a try next time.

            1. re: Rondo

              The deli's really good actually, especially the pastrami and corned beef. I like the roast pork at DiNic's much better than the brisket and the pulled pork myself.

          2. re: bluehensfan

            Thank you DiNic's fans. Went there for the first time yesterday and now I'm a fan too. Watched them spreading jus and pulling the pork to make my sandwich, which was delicious and big enough for dinner too.

            1. re: Max Buten

              Glad you liked it...you had the roast pork or the pulled pork?

              1. re: bluehensfan

                Guess I was too cute with "pulling the pork to make my sandwich." It was a delicious pulled pork sandwich."

                1. re: Max Buten

                  Nah, just seeing which of the two pork sandwiches you tried. I actually like the roast (as opposed to the pulled) pork myself.

          3. Salumeria Italian hoagie, with the house dressing and artichokes.

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            1. re: dagordon

              gotta agree with the Salumeria hoagie with the artichokes. nontraditional italian given the romaine and mortadella, but to me, the standout sandwich at the terminal. I haven't had the opportunity to try the new deli.

              1. re: brightman

                The corned beef and the pastrami are really good actually. They have come a long way there since the opening jitters to creat a great product. I actually also like the gyros at the market too, especially when I am not hungry enough to eat a whole sandwich at DiNic's.

            2. Same as Jessicheese verbatim, but, followed surprisingly closely by the rib sandwich from the Amish (Mennonites?) rib place in the northwest corner. Hot sauce on the side. And sweet merciful crap no cheese. They ask me every time I order it and I always say, "on barbeque?!?!?!" and they say, "some people like it," and I say, "communists?" and they say yes.

              Also, Dinic's less-often heralded sandwiches such as the Italian pulled pork are good times as well.

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              1. re: joypirate

                They're Amish, but when I ate there, there was one Mennonite woman working. There.

              2. I would say the roast pork at DiNic's with the provolone and greens too.

                1. I agree with the above posting for Salumeria. Their Italian hoagie is hands down my favorite...wwith the works, house dressing...

                  1. how about rocco's chicken cutlet hoagie with special sauce

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                    1. re: shoeman

                      I liked Rocco's regular combo with sharp provolone. After traveling to Philly 3 years ago, I became obsessed with that wonderful sharp provolone. There is nothing quite like it in San Francisco. I loved Rocco's so much that I took traveled with one to Wayne and then when I left town for Columbus, OH.

                    2. DiNics is fabulous (with sharp prov. and greens).

                      Never tried the others, except the turkey and DiNics wins. (Sorta want to try that Hoagie with Artichokes though)

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                      1. re: jcmods

                        I agree it's hard to pass up the DiNic's roast pork w/greens and provolone, but the Salumeria hoagie is really fantastic. I highly recommend you try it sometime.

                      2. I don't know there's a BAD sandwich to be had there, but I'll concur about the DiNic's roast pork, absolutely. I just eat it with provolone on it. Oh, and the boneless rib sandwich at the Rib Stand (with those potatoes!). I'm not a hoagie eater, so I can't give an opinion about them anyplace.

                        1. I agree with the DiNic's Roast Pork with Sharp provolone and anything else that stikes your fancy.
                          There are lots of other excellent sandwiches - the Roast Turkey and the sandwiches at Mezze (don't be put off that they are pre-made, they are all pretty great) - but the pork is difficult to match anywhere else!

                          1. That's a tough one. I agree with all the others, but the Greek joint always has the freshest steamed Pitas I often get a Gyros or Souvlaki. Then again, I can also go to John's, Jim's Tony Luke's and Nick's Roast Beef any time, so don't let that sway you.

                            If I got a dry sandwich from DiNic's I'd send it back, and say I wanted it "wetter." I'm sure they have enough "Au Jus." If they really overcooked a pork or beef, I'd ask to exchange the dry one I got for the other.

                            They're professionals.

                            1. I finally was able to tear myself away from the roast pork at DiNic's and went with their Italian pulled pork, and I must say, I might not ever go back. Juicy, super flavorful and really unique. I got sharp provolone on it, but it really didn't need it. In fact, I'd get it without next time.

                              1. Just had a pastrami on rye from Hershel's last weekend. HEAVEN! Best pastrami I've ever tasted. Great ratio of coriander to black pepper. The cold leftovers were just as good.

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                                1. re: Boognish

                                  DiNic's pulled pork Italian. It's a great sandwich. Had one a few weeks ago and enjoyed it so much that I went back the next day for another.
                                  Another interesting option, try the pretzel breakfast sandwich from the Amish pretzel stand. It was really good.

                                  1. re: Boognish

                                    I vote for Hershel's pastrami also! It's hand carved, and good black crusted edges.
                                    "kosher and homemade", the owner told me...

                                    1. re: ellen4441

                                      FYI, the stall is not certified Kosher. Thank you.

                                      1. re: Bride of the Juggler

                                        the stall may not be certified kosher, but the beef the pastrami is made from is.

                                  2. Relocated to Bucks Co., so don't get to DiNic's as much as I'd like anymore. How is the italian pulled pork made? I imagine it's pork butt slow roasted, but what are the seasonings, accompaniments, etc..

                                    1. My all time favorite sandwich in the city is at Hatville Farms at the RTM.

                                      Smoked Turkey Special. Freshly carved smoked turkey cold cuts, cole slaw, and Russian dressing on rye. Get it with a nice cold homemade sweetened iced tea.

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                                      1. re: potroastcat

                                        While I have to agree with most of my fellow hounds on the DiNic's pork w/sharp provolone, I do stop often to get Hatville's special of the day, with a bag of good chips. Never been less than satisfied.

                                        1. re: JohnnyT

                                          Had a peppered turkey with sharp cheddar on whole wheat last Friday at Hatville's, it was so good I bought some sliced turkey and cheese to take home, with a loaf of fresh bread from the Amish bakery. Grilled, with a little mayo and mustard...can't beat it.

                                        2. re: potroastcat

                                          This is my favorite stop on a crazy busy convention day. Rarely a line.

                                          The buffalo chicken on rye with provolone is awesome, as is the ham and cheese.

                                        3. I took a couple of coworkers to DiNic''s at 2 this afternoon to try the pork sandwich that has been so highly touted on this board recently. However, I was told that they were already out of meat for the day What a disappointment!

                                          And, to make things even worse, I saw them wrapping up 5 or 6 large pieces of roasted pork. I wonder who they were saving them for.

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                                          1. re: Cruz

                                            I stopped by there myself today at 2 and they were out of greens but still had pork. It was good to try the sandwich without the greens for a change (but I'd get them next time).

                                            While waiting in line I talked to Tommy who was in the process of preparing scapple sandwiches for the scrapple contest at the Market. Each had thin slices of scapple, two italian cheses melted on top, thinly sliced proscuitto as well as roast pork (although some may have featured another meat). They looked pretty good!

                                            To be honest with you, this is not all that uncommon at DiNic's to run out of pork in the mid-afternoon because they only prepare enough for what they need each day. I was planning on getting a gyro today but Olympic Gyro was closed (Greek Easter?).

                                            1. re: bluehensfan

                                              There you go, Cruz--they were saving the pork for bluehensfan! ;)

                                              I was at RTM an hour or so later, and a friend of mine who works there said they were super busy today, because of a huge conference that's in town. It was slim pickings at a few places, by the time I got there.

                                              1. re: gina

                                                I had to go back.
                                                Still really really good.