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Jun 23, 2006 11:04 AM

Nantucket restaurant rec

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I'm heading to Nantucket in a couple of weeks for a wedding. I'd like to make reservations at a restaurant on Friday night for about 15 people. I'm looking for casual, seafood, on the water--checkered table cloth type place but excellent seafood.

Any suggestions?

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  1. not going to be easy... everywhere here has great seafood, but places are more upscale than casual, and prices are pretty outrageous. for waterfront, slip 14 is a new place on the docks. owner previously had bluefin, which was a great sushi place. fun bar scene, but verdict is still out on food.
    the ropewalk is also in the boat basin- very popular spot with probably the most expensive raw bar you will find anywhere, the rest of the food average at best and way overpriced.
    the brant point grill is at the white elephant hotel, overlooking the water. beautiful setting, but one of the fanciest places on the island. great food with high price tag to match- doesn't sound like what you are looking for.
    i don't know what to recommend! if you specify price range, i may be able to come up with a better rec. the kind of place you are picturing only exists on the cape, unfortunately! don't get me wrong, nantucket is our favorite place in the world, and home, but places just keep getting fancier and pricier!