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Jun 23, 2006 06:51 PM

In search of the ULTIMATE Lobsta Roll

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My quest for the best Lobsta Roll in Boston began last night at B&G and will continue until Labor Day. I plan to try as many rolls as I can find at place in the area, taking careful notes, and will report out in September. I'm calling it my Lobsta Safari...

Who makes the best Lobsta Roll?

Based on my meal last night at B&G we're off to an excellent start. The roll was very modern and minimalist - bun not toasted, lots of fresh lobster, very little mayo, nice side of fries, excellent service. At $24 it's still a value. The untoasted bun appears to work better when little mayo is used allowing the true flavor of the lobster to come out. If I wanted all that mayo, I'd order a tuna sub.

Where shall I go next?

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  1. Hands down Neptune Oyster Bar has the best Lobster Roll you will ever eat... When they ask you "cold with mayo or warm with butter" just say warm. . . it comes out on a toasted brioche bun overstuffed with chunks of lobster sauteed in butter. . . the crispy fries with it are really good, but you can also opt for garden greens and almond vinaigrette. . .

    next stop the north end!

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    1. re: zap64

      It seems like the butter (v. mayo) lobster roll is hard to find around here - I think of it as the default but I guess not. WBZ called it the "Connecticut style" is that right?

      1. re: missykins

        I have always heard the buttered version referred to at CT-style yes.

        1. re: Dax

          Was that completely obvious?? Never knew - I grew up there and figured that it was just a regular lobster roll.

          1. re: missykins

            Not completely obvious, I've lived in Boston the last 8+ years and this is how I had it explained here. We didn't have lobster rolls in Georgia where I grew up.

        2. re: missykins

          I've seen the warm butter version up in NH too, but the cold mayo more frequently near and in Boston.

          Don't tell anyone, but a fried lobster roll is also quite tempting. Has anyone seen one of those around?

          1. re: gini

            A fried lobster roll? Never heard of such a thing. Do tell....

            1. re: yumyum

              I know I'm in the tiny minority but I just don't get why you'd fry really good seafood. Some episode of some show on the Food Network showed how you can "chicken fry" anything and literally did a shoe and that's how I feel about batter fried seafood - you're only tasting the batter, why not eat just the batter and save yourself some money.

              Except fried clams, that makes sense. ;-)

              1. re: yumyum

                Heh - fried claws & tail in a buttered and grilled new england style roll. With melted butter to dip into. Like a clam roll.

          2. re: zap64

            A word on Neptune's hot, buttered lobster roll. They mean it when they say buttered. In fact, it's probably a little too much butter for my taste. You know when you eat something reeeeaaalllyy rich and your throat kind of closes up? That happens. That said, the lobster is fantastic and so is the bread and it's perfectly prepared, but a word of caution is helpful I think.

          3. I agree with zap64. Neptune is my hands down favorite for lobster rolls. And warm with butter is my preferred.

              1. It is a destination spot for many, especially those in the City, but Kelly's lobster roll is the best, most generous New England-style lobster roll in the northeast. I try them all, and am always disappointed with Kelly's as my litmus.


                1. The good news just had the best lobster roll in boston. The bad news's only downhill from here...