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Black and white cookies

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Does anyone know where, if anywhere, one can buy black and white cookies in the Boston area? I've looked at at various delis and bakeries with no luck.

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  1. Lyndell's. Ball Square, Somerville.

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      best ones in boston, IMHO--they're something of an obsession for me-- are at Kupel's bagels in Brookline. I think their hours are observant-Jewish, in other words, closed Friday nite and Sat. all day. But they're great.

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        Lyndell's has incredibly DEEP black and whites, with the frosting about 1" higher than the cookie (cake?) itself. Definitely need a tall black coffee to wash it down, but what a treat!

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          I'll put another vote in for Lyndell's. Heavenly!

        2. I've seen them at some of the bakery stalls at Quincy Market. Not sure how they taste though.

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            Anyone had the ones at Quincy Market? I saw some that had frosting piled an inch high, they looked really decadent, but I was so stuffed from Durgin Park that I bypassed all the chocolates, cookies, and gelato. I'd love to know if they're as good as they look.

          2. Most NYC-like ones I have had are from Mike's in the North End.

            1. I've seen them at Royal Pastry, Cambridge Street, Cambridge.

              1. Costco sells a tub of about 20 for for 6 or 7 dollars, and the're not bad about 2 inchs in size.

                1. Modern and Mikes.

                  1. Cheryl Ann's Bakery - 1010 West Roxbury Parkway, Chestnut Hill - has them. They have both larger size and also smaller, mini ones.

                    1. The best ones I've found are at a small restaurant a few blocks down Tremont Street from B&G Oysters. I always forget the name of the place, but it's on the same side of Tremont as B&G maybe two blocks down heading west (towards Dartmouth and Mass Ave.) They have a small case in front full of delicious looking bakery items, and the black and white, which is available on white cake or chocolate cake, is amazing. Note this this is a frosted black and white, not a glazed black and white (I much prefer the frosted one; the ones in NY tend to be glazed).

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                        that's probably francesca's cafe. their b+w cookie is decent.

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                          It is. Thanks.

                          Do you mean "decent" in a good way or a bad way?

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                            i mean decent in that it's certainly a tasty cookie and i do enjoy eating it. but for those who prefer the original NYC-esque glazed type (myself included), the francesca cookie is not up to that standard.

                            just a preference, anyway.

                      2. crucify me not: the best I've found around here are in that tub at BJs (maybe same supplier as the Costco?)- mini, glazed. Frosting on a black & white is just wrong. they are about as close to what is best about the best NYC ones that I've found.

                        1. I grew up eating these on a chocolate cake base on Shirley Avenue in Revere. We called them half-moons. Anyone else?

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                            The version we used to get at Lederman's Bakery in Newton Centre also were called half moons. And they were frosted, not glazed, which perhaps explains my current preference for frosted black and whites.

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                              My mom has made half moons forever. They are frosted and more cakey then some of the black and white cookies I've had at bakeries. Hers are also better than any I've ever bought. Yellow cake type base with one half white frosting and one half chocolate. mmmmmm.

                            2. re: doctor_mama

                              I think the "half-moon" with frosting is the local name/version, vs. the glazed black and white from new york.

                              Personally, I hate the glazed ones, can only eat the frosted ones! But I can't remember the last time I had a good one...when I was ten, maybe?

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                                Ok, so go to Fransesca's on Tremont Street in the South End. They will bring you back!

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                                I grew up off of Shirley Ave and ate chocolate ones too! Did you go to Revere High? What year? I hear that Lomberto's on Broadway has them . Let me know if you fine them.

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                                  Lumberto's on Broadway, Revere on the corner of Fenno St has huge, delicious Half Moons that come on either a yellow cake or chocolate cake base. Horribly fattening, but great! And they are just down the street from me! :(

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                                  FINALLY! Someone who calls them half moons! I think it must be a Northshore thing. I'm from Swampscott and I grew up eating ones with a chocolate cake base usually (sometimes vanilla cake) and lots of frothy frosting. AND we called them half moons. I didn't know what a black and white was until I went to school in NY.

                                  There's this incredible place in Lynn right on the Lynn/Swampscott line that sells excellent cakey half moons.

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                                    I grew up in Winthrop and now live in New Jersey--I'm dying for a real half-moon!!! The one's I grew up on had chocolate cake and were so good! Here in New Jersey they have white cake (cookie) that is glazed, and it just isn't as good.

                                  2. Lederman's!! they were amazing. And yes they explain my preference--from childhood on, really-- for frosted ones. Their jimmie cookies were great too, though my husband can't figure out why someone with "sophisticated taste" preferred cookies so tasteless and dry. But they bring me back. thanks for the reminder...

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                                      To be honest, although I tend to like simple cookies, I seem to recall those jimmie cookies being on the VERY dry side. Lederman's rugelach, on the other hand ...

                                    2. they sell them at the butcherie (brookline, harvard st), imported from brooklyn by green's bakery. they're small, like 2 1/2" diameter. delicious. check out their 5-lb babka and assorted rugelach, too . . .

                                      1. Just had another half moon from Francesca's. The chocolate cake was still warm and incredibly moist. (It's also is available with yellow cake.) And of course it was frosted, not glazed. It was amazingly good. I may never eat another glazed half-and-half again.

                                        1. Blumie must have been very lucky. I had my first half-and-half cookie from Francesca's yesterday and it was so bad I threw it out after two bites. The cookie was hard, rubbery and had a chemical taste, and the frosting was so stale it had begun to harden beyond the outer layer. I'd never been to Francesca's before and went specifically to buy the cookie, so I can't comment on their other baked goods or the coffee.

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                                            That is disappointing. I have them several times and I've loved them each time.

                                          2. Check out J. Pace. Their half moons (black & white cookies) and whoopie pies are truly decadent. So good!!

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                                              I was wondering about those. The B&W are the cakey type, about a 1/2 in. thick. The WPs look awesome. (In fact, I dreamed I had one last night.) They make them in the Pace store in Saugus.

                                              1. re: tatamagouche

                                                Make the dream a reality... Pace's whoopie pies are whoopalicious. Mmmmm.

                                            2. Though I am not a huge fan of Mike's in the North End in General they do have B&W cookies exactly like those of my youth in NYC.

                                              When I have a craving, it is the only B&W cookie I will eat.

                                              1. Delicious. I also grew up on the "half-moon" frosted version (at a long-gone bakery on Boston St. in Lynn), and the best I've found in the Boston metro area have been at Ye Olde Bake Shoppe in Arlington. I think the address is 916 Mass. Ave.

                                                1. Try Diamond Bakery on Beacon Street in Newton (same strip mall as South Pacific restaurant). Spongy yellow cake base with either dark chocolate or milk chocolate frosting with white frosting. Perfect. They also have amazing challah bread there.

                                                  1. Had a killer Mint Oreo from Flour on Washington St yesterday.They put out some great baked goods there and you can enjoy a great lunch there as well.

                                                    1. Got a black and white cookie for $1 at the Modern Pastry Shop in Medford Square today and it was one of the best I've ever had. Both the cookie and the white frosting had a strong vanilla flavor and the chocolate frosting was very dark and balanced the sweetness of the vanilla. I don't recall seeing these cookies at the Modern in the North End, but I may be misremembering.

                                                      1. Sugar in West Roxbury has a good black and white. They also make their own cannoli shells and hand stuff them while you wait. Nice place and you can sit and eat.

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                                                          Modern Pastry has excllent B&W's or (half moons as know here in N.E.) and again as does Lydell's. Having relatives that live on Long Island I always had the NY style B&W's as a kid. I hated them. THe hard icing....the hard texture. I could never understand why my chocolate side tasted like lemon??? To me it was never between a cookie and cake ... It was like it was Stale !! I much prefer the cakey, frosteny ones. Its probably a regional preference much like Chowdah, or hotdogs, or Steak & Cheese.

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                                                            lyndell's does have good half moon cookies. they are not quite the same as the ones i used to get at the jewish bakeries in brookline (washington sq... not one left nowadays) when i was a kid. i think some places on harvard st (b-line turning into allston) still have some... one place i remember did do a chocolate one. i tried one at antoine's in newton - it was pretty awful- but, oh! their cannoli's were so great! too bad la contessa in davis is gone. they had both great canolli and half moons.

                                                        2. I just had a wonderful one at Ivy's Bakery in the Canton Village Shops. Very cakey which is how I like them. I'm so grateful to have found a replacement for Diamond Bakery in Newton which recently closed and had gone downhill of late. My 2nd runner-up is at the Greenhills Bakery in Dorchester. Unique tasting cake - perhaps they use sour cream? Very buttery frosting.

                                                          1. Last week, I got one at Sugar in West Roxbury. It was delicious and just like the ones we use to get at the bakeries on Blue Hill Ave many many years ago when I was growing up.