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Jun 23, 2006 05:27 PM

Chicago to Boyne?

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A group of hardcore foodies are driving up for golf in Boyne from Chicago. We are always happy to go out of our way for brilliant local authentic flavor. Does anyone have recommendations for the Boyne area, or anything along the way? Thanks,

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  1. Are you going to Boyne Highlands os Bpyne Mountain? They are about 1 hour apart. There are great spots in Harbor Springs and Petoskey close to the Highlands, I reccomend the planked whitefish at any of the Stafford's restaurants, Douglas Lake Steakhouse (which also has great fish) in Pellston, The New York in Harbor Springs, and Legs Inn in Cross Village, a Polish one of a kind spot with an incredible view of the lake. There are lots more including more upscale gourmet to great bar food if you want to narrow your request. I hope yhouv get to play Bay Harbor. Enjoy

    1. There are two great spots in Bellaire you should try. lulu's Bistro has incredible food and an interesting wine list. Very fresh ingredients and inspired dishes based on local ingredients. Just down the street is Shorts brewery. I believe this to be one of the best brewpubs in the country. All of the beers are good, but be sure in try the Softparade. This is a 11% ABV fruit bomb that has me driving hours out of my for a snifter full. Shorts also has an innovative pub menu with great soups, sandwiches and pizza.

      In Petoskey I would recommend Chandlers for dinner. Park City Grille sometimes has a three course tasting menu during the week paired with wine that is quite good.

      If you play a round at Garland, don't miss the burger at Tally's in Lewiston. This is a dive, but the burger is fresh ground and hand formed to order.

      Have fun!

      If you are coming through Kalamazoo at lunch time you might try Cosmos.

      1. Second on the Legs Inn rec., really a neat place. Also the Rowe Inn has been reliable for many years and if you want to bust your budget, check out Tapawingo.

        1. Thanks for the recommendations. I am not sure if we are going to come through Kalamazoo or not, what kind of food is Cosmos? Is it worth the stop?

          As for our preferences, we generally prefer local low-brow locations on trips like this. (Tally's sounds right up our alley.) We are traveling from NYC, LA and other major cities with plenty of high-end fare and don't really seek it out unless something is very unique.

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            Tally's is THE PLACE for burgers and they now have grilled onions to add. It's nor really a "dive."

          2. You might want to try the Side Door Saloon or the Mitchell Street Pub in Petoskey for good bar food. Mitchell Street makes a great Walleye sandwich.