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Jun 23, 2006 01:27 PM


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just wondering if anyone has eaten here and what they think. tempted to try the summerlicious menu..

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  1. those are 2 other options i'm looking at. did a quick search on here and seems xacutti is not so good?

    1. Only had dinner there once, but we all enjoyed it very much. While there is an Indian influence, you're better off if you don't expect authentic Indian cooking. It's really just a rather hip restaurant serving decent "fusion" cuisine. I hear the brunch is great, but have never tried it myself.

      1. Xacutti is excellent indian fusion. The experience as a whole is a bit higher end than Verveine. Both are well regarded although Verveine is a bit more of a neighbourhood place.

        Just so we're clear though, the 2 are not at all near each other - they are at opposite ends of downtown.

        1. coincidentally, i just made reservations for summerlicious for my friends and i (party of 6). i've been there once and the sweet potate fries were delish.

          1. Its good indian and italian fusion. The last time I went I tried the lamb which was fall off the bone and their creme brulee trio - MMMMM!