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Jun 23, 2006 01:02 PM

Druxy's Famous Deli

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So I was feeling a little ill today, and the least greasy food I could think of was getting a deli sandwich, so I went to Druxy's.
Paid almost $9 for a 4 oz. corned beef sandwich, and a little potato salad. Don't get me wrong, the food wasn't bad, not great, but what got me was how expensive that little meal was!
I'm just wondering if you eat there, why? I know some may have no choice, but for others that have so many other places to eat, why Druxy's? Their stores are everywhere I look, with long line-ups. I just don't get what keeps people going!

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  1. Sometimes when you're in a food court and you don't feel like Manchu Wok, KFC or Taco Bell, Druxy's is a decent alternative. Certainly no one would make Druxy's their first choice for a smoked meat sandwich if there was real deli nearby, but in a pinch, it will do.

    1. The only time Druxy's is an alternative for me is when I can't get out for lunch until noon and all of the other food court places have lineups. Good old Druxy's is always empty (in my food court, at least - perhaps we've caught on) and I indulge in a sandwich.

      1. my lunch (half) hour is a bit restrictive and so trying to find a place to quickly grab lunch that's a walk away is nearly impossible. the only food outlet we have is a druxy's on the ground floor. there are definitely days where i look at their food and opt for the tuck shop beside it with their instant ramen noodles.

        the saving graces of the druxy's menu for me have been a half and half tuna pasta and bean salads, large chef salad with chicken drenched in balsamic vinegarette, and melt your own grilled cheese sandwiches with the help of the office toaster oven.

        1. I totaly agree with jayseeca. Way too pricey! If you want 2 more ounces of meat they charge you the price of half a sammy. Their pastrami is pretty tasty though. A workin girl needs more than 4oz of the good stuff.

          1. I had lunch at their yonge/eg location today...they charged $1 for an extra ounce of smoked meat, so it cost $7.95 for 7 ounces