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Jun 23, 2006 12:15 PM

Planning a Bachelor Party

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Hey all: starting the planning for a bachelor party some time in in July/August, and I'm looking for ideas of a casual dinner on a Friday night, somewhere downtown core. Not sure of $$$ yet, but to give you an idea, the dinner is meant for people invited to the party who can't afford the planned weekend away. Attendees will be from around Toronto and the UK.


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  1. Irish Embassy...on Yonge at Wellington...good selection of beer...wide variety of food choices...good time atmosphere....good space....Hari Covert

    1. My friend hosted his at Stoney Grill (Yonge and Sheppard) where for $20 a person they rent out the entire space to your party (Saturday night!!!) and you get 4 drinks and wings included. They played poker and hired special "characters". Fun was had by all.

      1. If there aren't many of you (8-10), you could try Yer Ma's kitchen, which is the private dining room at the back of the Dora Keogh pub on the Danforth. It costs about $25 per person for the food & the atmosphere is great. And you could certainly do worse for a batchelor party than a place that serves heaping plates of crackling...