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Jun 23, 2006 11:40 AM

Any Funnelcake in Toronto, aside from Wonderland?

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hey folks,

don't remember the responses last time someone asked this -- but does anybody know of places where funnelcake is available in Toronto, aside from Wonderland?

i recall seeing a restaurant menu online, with funnelcake listed in the desserts section, but i can't recall which restaurant for the life of me ..

i've checked as far back as 2004 postings on chowhound -- no trace of "funnel" in any subject lines ..

ideas, anyone? creperies? JDs or Dimitre's (ick, i know, but they can't mess up funnel cake, can they?)

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  1. Not sure if they are still there or how good they are anymore but I used to have them at Centreville on Centre Island.

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        are there any places that do not require aquatic transportation?

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          Dairy Cream in Mississauga has funnel cakes, located at the north east corner of Lakeshore and Cawthra Rds.

          Popular Mississauga ice cream spot, aquatic transportation not required (...but accomodated at Lakeview boat launch).



    1. Last year during a day trip we ended up at East Side Marios (I know, I know, but I was out voted). My nephew ordered the funnelcake for dessert. If I remember correctly it came with a cherry pie filling type sauce and whipped cream. The nephew liked it. I tried a mouthful and was very sorry I did. It was awful....but then I am not 15!!

      1. I seem to recall a Beaver Tail stand at Ontario Place. Don't they do funnel cake?

        1. Funnelcakes are the only dessert at The King's Table (formerly White Brothers Fish and Chips), north side of Queen East just east of the Goof and the Fox, in the Beach.

          1. Shoeless Joe's also has them on their summer menu... I had my first in more than 10 years (last time I was at Wonderland). Greasy goodness!