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Jun 23, 2006 05:53 PM

Brew Pub in Las Vegas

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I am looking for a good brew pub in Las Vegas. I would prefer off the strip (Fremont St. is OK).


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  1. Highly recommend the 777 Microbrewery inside the Main Street Station casino (one block off the Fremont Street experience). ... Excellent beer and surprisingly good food.

    Happy Hour includes $2 microbrews and discounted appetizers. ... Just returned home from there today!

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    1. re: I'm Hungry

      Do you recommend any particular beer(s)? I've actually had better luck with the food than the drink at the 777. I agree that it's an extremely pleasant place to decompress.

      1. re: Dave Feldman

        Dave ... I would start by inquiring about the seasonal brew. The servers never bring it up and you wouldn't know to ask. ... One visit it was a Belgium ale that I compared favorably to Chimay. Love having that comped while playing blackjack. ... I like the Red and the Porter and even the light, is it a High Roller?

    2. If you love beer, try the Freakin Frog out by the University. It is not a brew pub but it has a fantastic assortment of Belgium beers--maybe the best selection in the U.S. My wife--no beer lover--finds beers that she likes a the Freakin Frog. Give it a try.