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delayed flight update...Vegas: LOS, Mon Ami Gabi, Commander's Palace, misc.

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I thought I would give an update while waiting and waiting and waiting......Have had a great week down here, despite the heat (the pool boys at the Four Seasons do a great job of making it bearable :-) Some random notes: Ended up with a slightly smaller group than expected at LOS. Everyone but me INSISTED on Pud Thai, but then agreed it wasn't their best dish. I knew I shouldn't have relented.....Other dishes were great: Sour sausage appetizer, the Northern style chicken soup, papaya salad (yum! My first time to try that!), whole crispy catfish with basil, and of course mango with sticky rice. Several of us tried a Reisling flight......very nice. Next night was Mon Ami Gabi....really enjoyed it. I had steak bordelais...yum. Jerry was good and just had onion soup and a delicious tomato-basil salad. He had the tarte tatin for desert: crust was thick; more like a bread pudding.....he was in heaven. Ate last night at Commander's Palace....excellent. I had the BarBQue seafood stew, made with shrimp, oysters, and mahi-mahi. Delicious. And of course bread pudding souffle. My friend enjoyed the Bananas Foster...of course I didn't try it since they insist on putting Bananas in the Foster :-) Several other brief notes: Bar at the Red Square is definitely something to check out but food there is expensive. Two appetizers and two drinks were around 70 bucks, yikes! I had a grapefruit infused vodka from Ukiah that WAS delicious. Mix (at top of The Hotel) is a better place for cocktails...tremendous view and worth the cost of the drink. (Go before 9 as I think there may be a cover after that. Its a good place to watch the sunset....) If you go make sure you check out the bathrooms....talk about a room with a view :-) And finally, banquet food at the Four Seasons was uniformly good for that type of thing...Oh, and if you are staying nearby and want a nice (but not cheap of course) breakfast or lunch you could do a lot worse than the Verandah Restaurant there. One final thing: really enjoyed our meal at the Steakhouse (is it Charlie Parker's??) at the Four Seasons. Also really glad I wasn't picking up the bill.....

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  1. Thanks for the great review, Janet. I think you are referring to Charlie Palmer's (of Aureole fame) at the Four Seasons. Charlie Parker made a little music!

    1. Yes, Charlie Palmer's. Brain fade. Thanks for correcting me. The steaks were perfectly prepared; side dishes were great; service was wonderful, and I think our group had a bill in the several thousand dollar range. But a great spurge place, especially for a business-type dinner, as it is quiet and comfortable.