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Jun 23, 2006 06:04 PM

San Diego - UCSD vegetarian friendly

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My cousin is coming for UCSD orientation, with my aunt and uncle. They are all vegetarians, and foodies, and here's the kicker: no onions or garlic (for religious reasons). Any suggestions for options that won't break the bank? I live in Normal Heights, but they'll be staying in La Jolla. We really just might have to cook at home. My aunt and uncle have excellent taste in food, and are great cooks. My uncle said, "vegetarian restaurants are usually the worst!" They aren't shy about working with a waitperson to get something they can eat.

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  1. "no onions or garlic (for religious reasons)"

    That's an odd one. What religion is that? And how can you be a foodie while eschewing two such basic flavors?

    In any case, I'd suggest Linkery in North Park. They make very tasty vegetarian dishes. I am familiar with your uncle's complaint, and he's right - too often vegetarian places forget that food is also supposed to taste good.

    In La Jolla I can't say that I know of too many affordable veggie options. Since you don't want onions or garlic, you're going to need to go someplace where the cooks are willing to make something special for you. For that, a place like Linkery would be good.

    George's at the Cove would probably also be willing to accommodate that, or Cafe 910, but those would wind up being expensive, more than likely.

      1. I had written off The Linkery as being too meat-heavy, but looking at the menu, I was wrong! I've been wanting to try it, too. Thanks. And now, looking at the website, it seems that my husband grew up with the owner, Jay. Too funny.
        Now for the onions & garlic. They are Chinese Buddhists. I'm so used to their diet, that I haven't asked since I was a kid why nothing in the onion family. I tried to find the answer online, and it seems that there are several different strains of Buddhism that avoid the onion family. It's a stimulant, makes you less zen, I think.
        There is actually a very good restaurant in their community, highly praised by Chowhounds, so deliciousness is possible without onions (or even bacon!)