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Jun 23, 2006 01:17 AM

Jrdn Restaurant--Towe 23, Pacific Beach

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Just got back from Jrdn, where I had another very good meal. Overall, the food quality and ambience is very good. I have read where others have had service issues, but what do you expect from a 20 something wait staff that turns over quite a bit. I ate at the bar and had the flat iron steak with fries which is an absolute steal for $14 (same meal cost me $30 at the other hot spot at the moment, Modus). The steak was prepared perfectly and did not have one ounce of fat on it. (I have also had the same meal at another perennial board favorite, Cafe Chloe, which also costs a bit more and has some fat in the meat). This same meal ordered off the regular dinner menu is a bit more (recently raised to $21) but it includes 2 large sides. My suggestion is to dine here Sunday-Thursday (weekends are out as the place is overly crowded). If you go these other 5 nights you will get a great meal with better service and the food is reasonably priced for quality of food and portion size.

I understand the owner is also opening a brand new Latin themed restaurant in La Jolla (where Moondoggie's used to be) within the next 4-6 weeks. Look forward to it--will definitely not be another Gringos--much better, from what I hear.

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  1. Thanks for the report! I have been wanting to try this place and this is encouraging. Do you have any recommendations or further feedback on Modus?


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        1. I just ate at JRDN on Friday night for the first time. Service was little slow. But you can't beat the view and the atmosphere. It'd be the perfect place to take out of town guests because they would just be amazed by the surfers and the sunset and it's just SO California!

          The food was pretty good. I wouldn't say it was amazing. In another atmosphere it might even be called standard or disappointing. I liked that they serve some artisan cheeses and all natural meats.

          I ordered a seasonal white fish (similar to tilapia) that the waitress told me is only available for 2 months out of the year. I should have written down the name but I want to say it was "kambuchi" or something to that starts with a K. Oops. It was crusted in nuts and served on a bed of rice with greens. Definitely yummy.

          The look of the restaurant is great, very sleek and modern and intriguing, but yet still beachy.

          Haven't heard of Modus, so I'll have to give it a try some time...

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            Please note you will get much better service at Tower 23 between Sunday - Thursday nights...while the restaurant serves organic food with no added hormones, the customers on Friday and Saturday night make up for it with their own raging hormones resulting in a much more crowded scene and slower service.

          2. SO and I ate at Jrdn last night, and really enjoyed the meal. We had a pickled cucumber and creme fraiche amuse bouche (excellent), a "custom" salad (good), baked goat cheese appetizer (very good), beef tenderloin with asparagus (very good) and onion rings (excellent), and a snapper special (good) that included an andouille sausage hash and snap peas (very good). The pick-and-choose menu concept was really fun and unpretentious. Despite others' complaints about the service, I would say that our server really enhanced the experience. (I think her name was Giselle, but SO thinks she was Andrea or Amanda, so who the hell knows?) She was what I would call a very balanced server - enthusiastic but with critical knowledge about both food and wine, and attentive without being obsequious - positive without being perky. We really liked our table (a corner booth by a window) and the decor as well. It was quite loud, but we sat side-by-side (which we prefer anyway) and the noise didn't inhibit our conversation. Only two nitpicks: 1) they implied that they were squeezing us in (I had to beg for an 8:30 reservation) but there were plenty of empty tables throughout the night - and 2) it was quite a long time between our appetizers and entrees. But other than that, it was a really good, really fun experience. It was one of those dinners that you remember fondly because you were happy while eating it - and who could want higher praise than that?

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              Always wanted to try this place and now I plan to in the next two weeks or so. I will be back with my review.