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Jun 23, 2006 06:50 PM

BOA Steakhouse

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I was wondering if anyone has been to BOA and what your experiences were. I'm partial to Porterhouse Bistro but I wanted to try something new. I'm hoping this place lives up to it's hype.

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  1. There have been some threads on Boa in the past. You can do a search. I was there once. I think it's more of a bar scene, but probably others will disagree.

    1. Have been to Boa, was very upset at my experience. Both the quality of the steak and the horrible service turned this into a very unpleasant meal. There are better places to have a steak -- poor service is just not worth putting up with if you're spending $$$.

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        I second Iceman's comment. Went once; won't return. There are better steaks elsewhere. If I'm spending $$$, I'd rather go to Mastro's or Ruth's Chris.

      2. I've been there twice and think its a solid steak house. The place isn't very big at all but it can get pretty noisy.

        Appetizers were pretty good - our group really liked the tuna tartare and beef carpaccio.

        I thought the meat was very good with my favorite being the rib eye. One thing that's different about Boa is that with the meat, they give you a choice of different rubs or sauces.

        Other than the mac and cheese, the side dishes were decent but unremarkable.

        The dessert selection seemed meager too - the most popular option was the cotton candy.

        All in all, I think Boa measures up favorably to LA's best steak houses.

        1. Are you going to Santa Monica? If so , it's fantastic! We shared a Kobe new York steak and jumbo prawns and it could not have been any better. We liked it so much we went back the next day, this time for rack of lamb and filet mignon, not as good but still excellent. Service was excellent, too. Can't recommend it highly enough.
          For me this is the best steakhouse in LA(although I've never been to Mastro's or Morton's)

          1. Can someone update on the Hollywood branch?