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BOA Steakhouse

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I was wondering if anyone has been to BOA and what your experiences were. I'm partial to Porterhouse Bistro but I wanted to try something new. I'm hoping this place lives up to it's hype.

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  1. There have been some threads on Boa in the past. You can do a search. I was there once. I think it's more of a bar scene, but probably others will disagree.

    1. Have been to Boa, was very upset at my experience. Both the quality of the steak and the horrible service turned this into a very unpleasant meal. There are better places to have a steak -- poor service is just not worth putting up with if you're spending $$$.

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        I second Iceman's comment. Went once; won't return. There are better steaks elsewhere. If I'm spending $$$, I'd rather go to Mastro's or Ruth's Chris.

      2. I've been there twice and think its a solid steak house. The place isn't very big at all but it can get pretty noisy.

        Appetizers were pretty good - our group really liked the tuna tartare and beef carpaccio.

        I thought the meat was very good with my favorite being the rib eye. One thing that's different about Boa is that with the meat, they give you a choice of different rubs or sauces.

        Other than the mac and cheese, the side dishes were decent but unremarkable.

        The dessert selection seemed meager too - the most popular option was the cotton candy.

        All in all, I think Boa measures up favorably to LA's best steak houses.


        1. Are you going to Santa Monica? If so , it's fantastic! We shared a Kobe new York steak and jumbo prawns and it could not have been any better. We liked it so much we went back the next day, this time for rack of lamb and filet mignon, not as good but still excellent. Service was excellent, too. Can't recommend it highly enough.
          For me this is the best steakhouse in LA(although I've never been to Mastro's or Morton's)

          1. Can someone update on the Hollywood branch?

            1. I've been to both SM and Hollywood, as well as the LV location and have had great experiences. I believe the food quality is top notch and preparation's are more unique than the traditional chop houses. I feel that people should realize when dining at BOA or Sushi Roku, is that you paying also for an experience too (ie can be sceney). When I go, I often avoid the traditional peak times (Fri/Sat night) and I feel I'm rewarded for better service (more attention) with hints of a scene, but not overwhelmed. I know of handful of places that can serve a better cut of beef (ie Jar), but I would recommend BOA for a good dining experience to any of my friends.

              1. I went to Boa in Santa Monica with a group of 16 from work and was pleasantly surprised (based on the other negative reviews on this board).

                We got great service and great cocktails from the bartender before we sat at our table (in a semi private dining room).

                Our waiter was quick, unobtrusive and knowledeable. We didn't wait long for a thing, and everyone's steak was perfectly cooked. I loved the sides (I think that we got one of everything) and the wine was free flowing and my glass was always full. They even brought out a special desert for someone's b-day.

                On our work retreat dinners we usually do some pretty high end restaurants (in places like San Fran, Vegas, Montreal) and Boa completely measured up.

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                  I used to love love love BOA Hollywood and went to BOA Santa Monica if I had business lunches or dinners. With all the new steakhouses opening up in Hollywood like STK, BLT, CUT as well as Mozza and Comme Ca, I haven't been back to BOA recently. I'm glad to hear it's still a great restaurant.

                2. I am not crazy about Boa. I prefer the food and the ambience at Mastro's, for a more formal service/experience Nick and Stef's and for more casual old world, Taylor's.

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                    I would definitely agree with the Mastro's as that is my favourite steakhouse in LA. Nick and Stef has been hit and miss with me but I usually don't go downtown for dinner anyway. I never got the allure of Taylors. I have always found the meat and rest of the food to be subpar but I do like the throwback of the place.

                  2. With BOA not being our first choice, what other recommendations can one offer for a steak house in that location?

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                        There was just a thread about BLT Steak (near Sunset Plaza) or STK (on Lacienega north of Melrose). Both would be excellent choices. There's also Dakota at the Roosevelt Hotel on Hollywood.

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                            I stongly agree with Lotta! A great setting too.

                      2. I went there and got a VERY tasty Porterhouse. The BEST THING is that you can a sauce sampler plate. It has about a half dozen different sauces from a honey A1 type mix to a Bernaise. I had a good experience and I will certainly be going back.

                        1. i find the sm boa to be very good. i agree that off-peak is a bit better...and it is a scene....but i prefer it mastros conistently. the food is great, the service good, and mastros is as much of a scene....just different. the sides are from the sm farmers market and he mixed at the table ceasa is delish. good cocktails too. never been to weho boa. the only steakhouse i prefer is jar.

                          1. love their blue cheese rub on the rib eye. don't order their smores, which theyre supposedly known for. nothing special.

                            1. You cant compare Porterhouse to Boa. Boa (W. Hollywood) is much better food and a much cooler vibe. One of the best steakhouses in L.A. by far. Dan Tana's also does a great steak in a great rat pack vibe.

                              1. had the chilled seafood platter for a business lunch @ the samo location and it was killer. the parent company also owns sushi roku and therefore the steakhouse has access to ultrafresh seafood sourcing. it wasn't cheap at +/- $80, but it had a whole lobster with claws and tail, MASSIVE grilled and chilled shrimp, clams, and oysters. we had a bottle of chablis and a calimari and it filled up 3 good eaters. yum.