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Jun 23, 2006 06:40 PM

cheap westside funk

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going to west hollywood for a concert on sat. night that should end around 10pm and want to get some tasty grubbles afterward. problem is, I';m an eastsider and NEVER eat on the westside. Not against it or anything, it's just too inconvenient (and besides, i'd always get stopped in the delightful traps of koreatown or thaitown if I even tried.)

But since i'll be over there, and with a good group of 6 or so fellow east-side hounds, we'd love a good recommendation for a place that's open late-ish and with funky (read: spicy + smelly) dishes.

(since we'll have to drive back over to the easide afterwards anyway, basically anything between or in west hollywood and downtown is open game.)

try to keep prices reasonable, under $20 per person (not including drinks)


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  1. Well, West Hollywood isn't the same as Westside, and there isn't much in the spicy and smelly department around there anyway. The only places open late around there are the Standard, Swingers, and a few places in Boystown. So your best bet is indeed Thaitown or Koreatown.
    I like Torung at Sunset and Wilton for late night group eats, although Sanamuluang will certainly fill the bill as well.
    In Koreatown, there's BCD Tofu House and plenty of other places, some of which were in Wednesday's L.A. Times food section.

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      took you up on the torung recommendation as it was convenient for us all on the way back over. unfirtunately we didn't think it was so great. no sticky rice and cash only was a downer. ordered chinese broccoli and got american broccoli. ginger pork and chili beef were ugly to look at and boringly flavored - my take was that the guy in the kitchen hated his job, never a good situation for a restaurant.
      one papaya salad with shrimnp and one with tofu were both below average in terms of freshness and ingredients.
      cocunut soup was pretty good though.
      (i was gonna do the korean (ate at yi hwaro in the chapman plaza on wednesday) but had three vegetarians along and thatb wouldn't have been easy) i actually need to start a post on late night veggie-friendly but good other food places.

      (PS - youre totally right about westside geography; i'm seriously totally lost anytime i'm west of highland, which happens maybe twice a year at most, so have no idea what goes on on westside or what it even is!...I do appreciate the recs though!)

      1. re: mr mouther

        Sorry to hear that - we ate at Torung maybe 2 weeks ago and it really was good. BUT we were there around 7:30 - maybe chef sleepy?