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Jun 23, 2006 04:10 PM

Jar or A.O.C. for anniversary dinner Sunday night?

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Help form 'Hounds here much appreciated. Are both casual dress? (I assume so. It's So Cal in summer, duh!)

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  1. Yup, both are casual yet very nice. I'm assuming the anniversary dindin will just be you and your special someone - in which case, I recommend Jar. I LOVE both restaurants, but AOC is best with a larger group - that small plate rhythm. Jar is perfect for a special occassion.
    Start with a cocktail at the bar. Don't forget to order the Japanese Purple Yams. And for the love of god, have the pudding!

    Enjoy, and happy anny!


    1. I was in Jar on Thursday. We took my folks, who are in town from Houston, out for a treat. Love that place. Flawless service and great food. My only criticism is the crowd seems to run a bit "old" and sometimes I almost feel a bit out of place.

      I do keep going back for the food though!

      1. Went to Jar recently and was not terribly impressed. Why are you limiting yourself to those two places? Well if I had to, I'd pick AOC. Or a third restarant. Apparently, there is an upstairs covered patio section of AOC where it is a little less noisy.

        1. It is less noisy, but it doesn't feel like you're in the restaurant. I've heard they have some people go postal when they're seated up there.

          1. Go postal? Why? Because they feel they're not part of the AOC action in the patio section?