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Jun 23, 2006 03:46 PM

Housenka on Olympic in BH?

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I live near this place and have actually peeked in, but it seems kind of intimidating. Has anyone been or know what kind of food they serve?

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    It's a lot like Mishima - Japanese noodle and rice bowls.

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      Oops. I was thinking of somewhere else. It's actually a good cheap sushi joint. Also serves hot food (miso black cod, etc.). Great lunch specials. Never been for dinner.

      1. re: SunsetStrip75

        Actually, when I peeked in, they specifically said that they don't serve sushi.

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          I just checked their menu online, and it does show some nigiri and some rolls in a section titled "sushi," but as you have indicated, it is not a sushi restaurant.
          We love Nanbankan, and this looks like another good option. Thanks!

    2. I posted earlier (on the old board) and don't see it here now, so apologies if I am repeating:

      This is apparently a yakiniku restaurant, like Gyu-kaku or Manpuku: Japanese-style Korean BBQ. Part of a minichain with 2 other branches in the South Bay.

      1. They do serve yakiniku, but so much more. I've eaten there several times. Everything I've had was fantastic. I don't know if it's a chain, but it doesn't feel like one. Intimate, special, very traditional. It's where sushi chefs from other restaurants go when their places close. Their grilled meats & fish are impeccably fresh, usually the fish are served whole. They also specialize in nabe, Japanese hot pots, with duck, chicken & mushrooms, kurobuta pork & burdock.

        Every night there's a long list of specials written only in Japanese, but they will translate for you. This usually includes marvelous sashimi (spanish mackeral tataki, live uni that the chef severs in half and serves in the shell, spines still quivering). I recommend it.

        1. Could someone please give me the address. Thank you

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            9123 West Olympic Blvd.
            Beverly Hills

          2. Housenka has been on "my list" for awhile (as you will note the date of this original post).

            I have never been and can not vouch for its quality. We drove by last night, and they were under construction. We asked it they were open thinking perhaps we were too early, but they said "no" and offered no further information.

            For anyone who has eaten here, is Housenka worth a re-visit?