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Monster chocolate cake

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I caught tail-end of segment on Food Network last week where they showed an LA restaurant that's famous for serving a humongous slice of 7-layer chocolate cake that's big enough for the whole table. Anyone know name of this restaurant and location.

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    Professor Salt

    Sounds like the Motherlode cake from the Claim Jumper chain. Since they're spread out across most of the Western US, you should ask about them on General Topics.


    Link: http://www.claimjumper.com/hypertext/...

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      The Motherlode cake at Claim Jumper is as big as a shoe box, and tastes like one too.

    2. I suspect it might have been Gladstone's on PCH.

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        Bet you're right. Gladstones on PCH where Sunset hits it. Also RJ's (still open?) on Beverly Drive in BH.

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          Good question Debbie! And the answer is a resounding "not much longer." RJs has been sold to LA Food Show, owned and operated by CPK, who will be taking over the place very soon.

      2. All the Jerry's Deli's have this 7-layer cake which is just incredible. My girlfriend and I split a piece last week with a scoop of Vanilla ice cream on the side...OMG good and fresh! They have it at the Solley's too on Van Nuys.

        1. The cool burger bar 25 DEGREES in Hollywood at the Roosevelt Hotel has a massive slice o' chocolate cake like you describe. My buddy and I tried to put it away by ourselves and we couldn't quite do it.

          1. It was probably RJ's, which has always been famous for its cake. Personally, I prefer the Jerry's/Solley's chocolate cake which I believe is the same that they serve at Cheesecake Factory.

            For pure indulgence, try the mud pie at Cheesecake Factory. It's chocolate cake, ice cream, hot fudge, chocolate chips, whipped cream, nuts, and cherries.

            1. Claim Jumper?

              1. Not claim jumper. I saw the episode...it was at some place with that private beach club in Malibu.....

                1. it might be 25 degrees, 26 beach cafe, gladstone's, rj's et al, there are quite a number of huge old fashioned chocolate cake slices around town.

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                    26 Beach makes agreat cake, not 7 layers, I think it was Gladstones or RJ. The only reason to go to RJ's anymore might only be the cake, I was there a year ago, it was horrible, I used to love this place, alas no more.

                  2. Bigger doesn't mean better. Check out the chocolate fudge cake at Vicente Foods in Brentwood, it's out of this world.

                    1. Watched it......

                      place is "Paradise Cove Beach Cafe" in Malibu....the "Monster Chocolate Cake".


                      here's the chocolate menu:


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                        Paradise Cove is great for visitors because it's right on the beach, you can grab a chair outside and drink a beer right in the sand. I've only a sandwich and fries there, maybe a salad once. but all the food looks huge, and it's ALWAYS packed. Don't let the $20 parking fee scare you. You get three hours free with restaurant validation, I think. They do it to keep beachgoers from hogging up the little parking area they have.

                      2. There's no shortage of these cakes. Brent's has a version about a foot high. I don't personally know anyone who's ever ordered one. I can't imagine being that hungry.

                        1. i caught one of these shows today--a top 5 most indulgent dishes (or something similar, hosted by bobby rivers). it featured the motherlode cake at claimjumper.

                          1. Watched a repeat of F.N. yesterday. It was at Paradise Cove Cafe, Paradise Cove, Malibu. The chef even showed how he makes the "mile high" cake. He uses mayo, buttermilk, cocoa, and devils food cake mix.........I actually got a whim to go to Malibu after that and ended up at Malibu Seafood! While waiting for our fish and chips we watched a pod of dolphins frolick by.....:) very cool.