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Jun 23, 2006 02:53 AM

Found Red Hamburger Relish in LA !!!

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At the end of May, Like-Go-Eat was searching for Hamburger Relish in LA.

I discovered today that Big Lots on Lincoln Blvd at Rose Ave in Venice is selling Del Monte Hamburger Pickle Relish for $1.50/12 oz. jar. The Del Monte Hamburger Pickle Relish looks reddish brown -- I remember the Heinz Hamburger Relish being more red in color than the Del Monte Relish.

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  1. Trader Joe's makes a red relish which they call "hot" but it really isn't, I think it may be made with sweet bell peppers. Is this like what you're looking for?

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    1. re: BobtheBigPig

      Nope. Check the thread below...

      Thanks for the heads-up, Norm.


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      I believe you can also get this at any Bob's Big Boy(their brand) - there are still some around!

      1. Thanks Norm. As one of the disappointed searchers from the previous thread your post gives me hope of scoring some of this elusive condiment. I'll definitely hit the place tomorrow.

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        1. re: BHAppeal

          Made the trip to Big Lots on Lincoln and got several bottles of the Del Monte Hamburger Relish. Definitel not as red as the traditional Heinz variety, more like the stuff served by Bobs Big Boy. Still though, very good and you can stock up at 1.50 a jar. Since Big Lots specializes in close outs, it may be that Del Monte, like Heinz, is eliminating Red Hamburger Relish from its line. Hopefull, my hoard will last awhile. Again thanks Norman.

          1. re: BHAppeal

            Is there an expiration or "Best By" date on the bottles? And if not, how much shelf space does one set aside for a boat load of relish?!

        2. (originally posted in Like-Go-Eat?'s recent thread concerning the same)

          Pacific Dining Car carries their own brand of what they call "Steak Relish". It is red and spicy/sweet as I believe you are looking for. I checked their Website, but they do not mention it. I do know for a fact, however, that they sell it in small glass jars at both locations. Although I have just had it with steak at the restaurant, I have thought many times that I would like to pick up a jar or two sometime to bring home and try it on some 'dogs.

          Pacific Dining Car
          1310 West 6th Street
          Los Angeles, CA 90017
          (213) 483-6000
          2700 Wilshire Boulevard
          Santa Monica, CA 90403
          (310) 453-4000

          1. The absolute best of this stuff IMHO is at PAPA JAKE'S sub shop on little Santa Monica Blvd. in Beverly Hills. I think they make it themselves or they have a source that does. They have it in huge gallon jars on a shelf by the register.

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            1. re: olsenc

              Is it RED PICKLE RELISH, or red *pepper* relish? Completely different animals...

              1. re: Joe Blowe

                hmmm... does red pickle relish just contain red pickles? If i'm not mistaken, this stuff at papa jakes has both chopped red pepper and chopped pickle. It's sweet and mildly hot. It might be considered red pepper relish.

                1. re: olsenc

                  Yup, sounds like red pepper relish. The relish we're talking about here is basically chopped pickles in ketchup -- not hot, spicy, sweet, etc...

                  1. re: Joe Blowe

                    that sounds like what they put on the burgers at the Apple Pan. Am I right?