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Jun 23, 2006 04:20 PM

City girl moves to Rockridge - need sushi recs!!

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After eight years happily living in the city, I've finally made the move over to delightful Rockridge. While my partner and I are beginning our tour of the local spots - have made it to Oliveto cafe, Zachary's, Pearl of Siam and Nan Yang so far, we're a bit less interested in experimenting to find the best sushi.

Who can help? Btw, we're traditionalists - our ordering tends to be sashimi, nigiri, wakame. We're less into the creative rolls, and scene-y sushi joints.

I'm aware of Tachibana, Isobune, Uzen, but haven't tried any of them yet.

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  1. Uzen! Then Tachibana.

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      1. Kirala on Shattuck is very good.

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          Robert Lauriston

          Kirala's OK but not worth waiting in line except maybe for the robata, which so far as I know nobody else around here does.

        2. I don't know about other hounds' experiences with Isobune, but after having consistenly horrible experiences there I have finally vowed to never again return. Granted, most of my visits have been weekday lunches when the place is near empty, but I've had much better experiences at other sushi places during the same time frames.

          Isobune's "policy" in their kaiten service is to set out items such as CA rolls, inari, ebi, tomago, tobiko, and other basic/westernized items. They may have a few scattered authentic (real fish) items, but they are few and far between. And when they are set out, they will just keep going around for hours until it is consumed; so if you ever go, don't pick items from the boats -- ask the chef to make a fresh batch (although sometimes they refuse due to the item already being on the boats for a while).

          You can do much better at Uzen, or at a number of places in the Alameda area.

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            Isobune is the McDonald's of sushi. It's not particularly "authentic," but at the same time, it has no pretense of being so. Sometimes a burger from McDonald's is what I really want. Sometimes Isobune is what I really want--quick, decent (not great), and reasonably inexpensive. But certainly far from the "gold standard" for the area.

          2. none of the above. go back to the city for sushi, or go to angelfish in alameda (though it'll probably take at least as long as going to the city). all of the sushi places in rockridge are totally underwhelming. if you have an asian craving, get soon dobu (tofu stew) on telegraph, or gang som at the thai place at college and broadway, or go to soi4. admittedly, none of these are sushi, but at least they're good food.