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Jun 23, 2006 04:15 PM

inexpensive dining in frisco and napa?

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A friend and I are spending a few days in San Francisco and Napa, during which time we have one meal planned -- one at French Laundry, no less. We are *very* excited about this trip and we're ok with spending the cash on Laundry, but we were hoping eat as cheaply as possible for the other meals while we're there. Recommendations for any cuisine, as reasonably priced as possible, in San Francisco or Napa, would be greatly appreciated (and if I'm missing threads that address this question, please direct me to them!)

(I'm not very familiar with the area to know what neighborhoods we'll be in, but the zips of our hotels are 94111 in SF and 94558 in Napa).

Thanks very much!


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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Link below to recent Napa posts. To Melanie's recommendations in the city of Napa I'd add ABC Bakery for breakfast (not really cheap but fun), Pizza Azzurro on 2nd, and Uva on Clinton St. which is mostly locals. If we're talking really cheap Big D Burgers on Silverado Trail and Soscol Cafe (on Soscol). I'd also suggest picnicing to save money - get your stuff at Vallerga's market or Genova Deli on Trancas.


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        Love Soscol Cafe for working man's hearty meals (breakfast and lunch only). ABC is also known as Alexis Baking Co. (to help with searching).

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          Thanks -- those suggestions and link are great!

        2. Looks like you're staying realtively closed to the Ferry Building in SF (as you may know by now, people in the city don't like the name "Frisco"), by the look of the zip code. So, you should definitely check out the Ferry Building at some point, especially if you're around on the dates of the Farmer's Market.
          As for cheap eats, you may have to travel a little further away from the hotel. Several neighborhoods in SF such as Mission and Richmond areas are filled with cheap eats. Can you be more specific as in what you're looking for? It'll be helpful if you can specify price range and if you're able/willing to travel to other parts of the city.
          I hope you enjoy French Laundry and the trip.

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            We are definitely willing to travel and we don't have a specific range, we just want to keep the total cost of eating down. And really we eat just about anything so as long as it's chowhound approved, we're interested :)

            Thanks everyone for your suggestions! Sorry for my ignorance of SF epithets.

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            1. Sonoma:
              Jack's Bistro & Wine Bar
              14301 Arnold Dr.
              Glen Ellen CA 95442

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                I haven't yet been to Jack's Bistro & Wine Bar since they started serving food; I do want to try it. But when I'm at that building (just south of "downtown" Glen Ellen) I find it hard to eat lunch anywhere except Olive & Vine, a catering company with a storefront cafe. Really good food.