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Jun 23, 2006 03:44 PM

Bakesale Betty's Best Blueberry (ouch!)

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Well, I tried. Alliteration just isn't my forte!
But blueberries are and Betty had a great blueberry pie yesterday. She said she'll be baking all sorts of fresh fruit pies. Really tasty.
That and those fabulous sandwiches. I love cold fried chicken, and on the (very) off chance she has a few left over, they're great that way!

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  1. Yeah, Bakesale Betty is great. She makes everything taste good. I know her from the Walnut Creek Farmer's Market on Sundays.

    1. How much are the pies? Do you have to buy a whole pie or can you buy a slice? Do they sell mini-pies?

      1. No mini pies but they do have slices. They seem to range between $2.50- 4.00 per slice. Pies are about $20.00-30.00. Sometimes I'll buy a couple of slices. The one I got yesterday was still warm from the oven!!

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          Thanks so much. I've heard so much about Bakesale Betty's pies. For those living around Solano Avenue, Lola's makes a killer blueberry pie for $20. Their fresh summer fruit tarts are amazing too. Lola's doesn't sell by the slice, but as fruit becomes more plentiful during the summer, they make mini pies. Wonderful fresh blueberry muffins last year.

        2. Betty's Fried Chicken sandwich. I was looking forward to it and had it picked up for me two fridays ago. Not all it's cracked up to be or maybe ppl like it this way. The sandwich is ok to good. It's no frills packed with some jalapenos and coleslaw-ish lettuce(I liked the jalapenos). Very clean and light, but dry(I can understand chicken breast ain't always juicy) and unassuming. For $8 though it's not my cup of tea.

          1. I agree with you. For me, it is fine, but I would't order it again.

            I didn't notice any particular dryness, it was just that the whole didn't do it for me.

            In its favor, it does keep well. I ate the second half the next day and it didn't get soggy and was still tasty.