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Jun 23, 2006 03:05 AM

Old Place Seafood Teahouse in Oakland?

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Yesterday was an East Bay day. Driving along Grand Ave. near Lake Merritt, I noticed a restaurant called Old Place Seafood Teahouse that offers dim sum.

How do 'hounds like it?

Old Place Seafood Teahouse
(510) 286-9888
391 Grand Ave
Oakland, CA 94610

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  1. I visited a few times when they first opened a few years ago... At the time, they were serving lovely fragrant tea (I think Jasmine), much better than Chinatown restaurants. Aside from that one point in their favor, there is nothing much to say except their prices were higher than Chinatown. Also, their dinner dishes were kind of small. I also tried their dim sum, and at the time it was comparable to Chinatown, except they didn't have many items.

    But I haven't been in a few years.

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      Hello, we occasionally dine there, not for dim sum, 'cause it's a short walk instead of the drive to C-town or Alameda. I think its price point is higher than the bargain c-town estabs like Shanghai, but about the same as the next step up, like Chef Lao's. At that level, you're right, the portions are a little smaller, but that isn't a deal breaker for just the two of us.

      The food is straightforward and competent without much flair,sauces not heavy and veg's lightly cooked, and we've enjoyed the seaweed, seafood,and doufu soup and some of the XO entrees. When I walk by Sat. midddays to the farmer's market, it's doing a bustling dim sum trade to mostly Asian families.

      That section of Grand Ave. has plenty of neighborhood eats including a Korean place that looks promising and a recently started Ethiopian, both of which I hope to try. cheers

      1. re: moto

        Good to know -- I've been by there often but their menu in the window says little about the dim sum items.

        The Korean place is Jong Ga, quite good, if not great in terms of service. Mushrooms are their specialty. The mushroom bi bim bop was quite tasty last time I was there, and several of the soups smelled good as they passed by.

        I've heard nothing about Esmarra (the Ethiopian place). Even with the grand opening sign, it does not look open, and I haven't seen it open around lunchtime (my usual dining out time).

        1. re: merle

          Hey merle, glad to see you here! If you don't mind, could you start a new thread about Jong Ga? Sounds like you have some good information, and I hate to see it get lost under this subject heading.

          1. re: merle

            FYI, the Ethiopian place is actually "Ensarro". It's quite good, and it generally doesn't look open even when it is (I do realize that your comment is from some months ago).

      2. Thanks, sounds like it offers fair enough value to be worth checking out when it's convenient.

        1. I am virtually a neighbor of this place and find it quite endearing, especially for the reasonably priced Dim Sum! A vast improvement over the Chinese restaurant that was in the place before. The staff works quickly and hard, and consistently greet me on a first name basis. A little more variety on the Dim Sum carts would be welcome, but that is a fairly universal issue, no?

          1. I go there fairly often, since it's relatively close to my home. I think the food is quite tasty, especially considering the price (it's difficult to spend more than $8 per person!). My favorites are the turnip cake, stuffed mushrooms, just about anything with shrimp in it, and sesame balls. They do a nice plate of greens too. The service is generally good (they refill your water glass frequently, and are by and large friendly) though when I went during a particularly busy time last week, things were a little more "off" (one young waiter had no idea what I was talking about when I asked for turnip cake!) But overall, I really like them and am thrilled to have them in the neighborhood.

            1. As far as I'm concerned, it's kind

              I've gone there since before they rearranged the letters in the sign (it used to be called Golden Palace), but to me it's always been that kind of place you go to because it's walking distance from your house, not because it's particularly good. Before and after the name change.