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Jun 23, 2006 05:41 PM

3 Seattle Dinners, Need 2 Recs

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My family and I will be visiting Seattle for 3 nights. The first nights dinner will be with our in-laws and will most likely be at Jak's Grill as they are meat and potato eaters.

For the other two nights with just my immediate family, I am considering these restaurants. Italian at Il Terrazo Carmine, La Rustica or Osteria La Spiga. Japanese and sushi at Kisaku or Saito.

Any thoughts or preferences among these choices? Any particular dishes they specialize in that we should consider ordering? We will be staying at the Grand Hyatt without a car if that makes a difference. Thanks for your help.

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  1. I highly recommend Il Terrazo Carmine among the three choices. Also I suggest Shiro's for Japanese. Use the Omikasa approach rather than ordering from the menu. Enjoy Seattle and let us know what you liked!

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      I'll second Shiro's for Japanese. DH just took some visting Japanese businessmen to lunch there, and even they were blown away by the quality (I know, but they specifically asked for sushi). The Shiro's roll is excellent.

    2. If you are staying downtown with no car, then Jak's Grill is going to be a bit out of the way. You may want to consider taking the in-laws to Brasa for Steak Frite in the bar. Or better yet, take them to the Ipanema Grill for the Brazilian rodizio grilled meat fest. Otherwise, just go to the Metropolitan Grill.

      If you can make it Nishino in Madison Park (cab ride due east of downtown), order the Kasuzuke cod along with their sushi.

      1. I like Kisaku better than Saito, Shiro's, or Nishino.

        1. I think Chiso has the best sushi/service in Seattle. If you were willing to go to greenlake for Kisaku, perhaps you should check out another restaurant in that area called Mona's. Their new chef is doing incredible things there, and I know you wouldn't be dissapointed. Have fun in the northwest!

          1. Sounds like you are familiar with West Seattle with both Jak's and La Rustica on your preferred list.
            La Rustica is great--super atmosphere. Hang out with a glass of wine on the sidewalk if you need to wait for a table. Great view of the sound. Have the calamari if it is on the menu.

            Jak's beats the Met Grill any day for steaks, unless you are in a suit taking other suits out for a business meal. I wish the Met would improve their veggies. Grey limp asparagus, ugh!