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Gluten Free Menus in San Fran

dkgoody Jun 23, 2006 10:58 PM

My wife is celiac patient. Where are the places in San Fran that have a large gluten free selection, the wait staff have a clue, and perhpas they even have a GF manu?

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  1. Melanie Wong RE: dkgoody Jun 24, 2006 07:37 AM

    Here's a link to an earlier thread to get you started. Hope we come up with some other ideas for you.


    1. d
      dkgoody RE: dkgoody Jun 24, 2006 10:17 AM

      My wife found this so will share will fellow hounds


      Hello all,

      My apologies - I meant to do this a long time ago, and then I saw today's message with the same question that I posted a while ago..

      Thank you all for the answers regarding SF and the Bay area GF. Some of you sent your own summaries, so I'm posting those as well.

      Stores: Whole Foods and Trader Joe's are the major ones carrying a nice selection of GF stuff in SF. I found that WF (on Franklin & California) have the better selection. Also, supermarkets such as Cal-Mart (Laurel Village) and Cala-Foods have some stuff too.


      Jane recommended Outback which has a GF menu (in Sausalito) and Nick's Lighthouse, where she was able to have the chef make a few changes.

      Terri recommended Crave, A San Francisco Bakery - cravebakery.org - brownies, cookies, etc. they have a list of locations where their goodies can be found.

      Jeff suggested www.goodhealthpublishing.com for a list of 105+
      national/regional restaurants and their lists of gluten/wheat free items.

      Summary 1:

      Anne forwarded to me the following summary that was posted by Marian from Feb. '05 list:

      Restaurant list:

      Rainforest Cafe
      Lori's Diners
      The Fish Market
      Max's Deli
      PF Changs
      Whole Foods (groceries
      )Trader Joes (groceries)

      Following are excerpts from responses I received:

      Contact Rainforest Cafe at their website and they will accommodate you =
      S.F. =20
      Alioto's and Fisherman's Grotto on the pier. Great view.

      Lori's Diners...a chain. Just make sure your eggs are not mixed in with =
      the pancakes, etc.=20
      They're all designed like 1950's era.

      Marin county.... Frantoio's or something like that,=20
      where they actually press olives in a real olive press in front of the=20
      diners....behind glass. Expensive. Not kid oriented.

      ... Scoma's, where I've had great meals....in Sausalito...
      I think there is also a Scoma's at Fisherman's Wharf in=20

      South of the airport in the San Mateo area is The Fish Market. Loved =
      food. Lots of choices.=20

      Max's Deli, where you can buy lo-carb....just meat...dishes and I'm =
      sure, salads. Not sure of the night,=20
      but the waiters sing opera sometimes. There are other Max's Deli's in =
      city. The portions are enormous and everyone enjoyed the ice cream =

      "Hobee's" in the Palo Alto, Mountain View and Sunnyvale area.=20
      They are kid friendly, they have veggie=20
      meals, BUT I can not guarantee that you will get a gluten-free meal.=20

      PF Chang's in Sunnyvale w/ GF menu.

      PF Changs. Outback. Both of those places are kid friendly and would =
      have veg. options. Maybe not so much at Outback but they do have salads =
      and steamed veggies. =20

      I sent a summary to the list regarding SF and the Cuppertino areas for =
      food options. Here is one of the links I got for information:
      Click here: San Francisco Bay Area Celiac Support Groups Restaurants =
      with Gluten Free Items=20

      Try going to www.goodhealthpublishing.com for a list of 59 =
      restaurants and their lists of gluten/wheat free items. There's also a
      gluten free dining card that can be presented to restaurant personnel to
      ease the ordering process.

      Summary 2 ( by Shereen):

      Hi, Thanks to all for your suggestions. First there is a website,
      >www.bayareaceliacs.org/restaurants.htm, which is a blog on restaurants
      >in the Bay Area. They don't have restaurants that have gluten free menus
      >except for the usual Outbacks and PF Chang's, etc. That was disappointing.
      >I am from New York and we are fortunate to have numerous restaurants with
      >special GF menus courtesy of GFRAP. The Bay Area should too!
      >Old files were generously provided, but some restaurants and cafes that
      >were accommodating are no more, like Alma's. The Dolores Park Cafe's gluten
      >free baker passed away,I was told, and not replaced.
      >I went to an organic live food restaurant, reasonably priced and lovely,
      >Cafe Gratitude, located at 1336 9th Ave, which is near Golden Gate
      >Park. It is also at 2400 Harrison St in SF and 1730 Shattuck Ave in
      >Its web site is at www.CafeGratitude.com. They said that most of their menu
      >is gluten free except for what contained soy sauce. I felt okay after eating
      >their pizza, no stomach complaints nor telling DH symptoms. I would highly
      >recommend them.
      >I went to Eric's, a Chinese restaurant in Noe Valley (Sanchez and 27th) that
      >was recommended. They were not very communicative about the gf, and I was
      >disappointed in this. I was steered away from the mango chicken by the
      >who said that it might have soy sauce. He would not let me talk to the cook
      >or manager (not there he said). I had a cod dish and veggie/tofu with white
      >sauce dishes. I did not get sick, but was turned off to their lack of
      >communication. Would not go back there.
      >I went to Amberjack Sushi, also on 27th and Sanchez. It was fine. My friend
      >insisted on my getting vinegar free rice and they were accomodating. My
      >friend recommends this restaurant for the quality of the sushi.
      >I was told that the Daily Grill at 347 Gearywas accomodating. I went to
      >Buckeye's in Marin. The waiter's mother in law had celiac disease,
      >miraculously, and he was helpful. However, I itched my DH the next day. I
      >eaten simply with salad fish and veggies.

      Eat well and stay healthy!



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        rworange RE: dkgoody Jun 28, 2006 06:38 AM

        My goodness. This is WONDERFUL. Thanks so for taking the time to post this. It will be such a help for people in the future. It is one of those posts I'm definately bookmarking.

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          dkgoody RE: rworange Jun 28, 2006 05:19 PM

          most welcome.


          Celiacs of the world unite!

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            rh0nda RE: dkgoody Sep 16, 2007 01:22 PM

            Zadin is a great new restaurant in Noe serving gluten free vietnamese food and beer. http://www.zadinsf.com/

      2. Lori SF RE: dkgoody Sep 16, 2007 07:19 PM

        Cafe Mariposa on Telegraph Ave. in Oakland.. just wanted to add.

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