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Jun 23, 2006 10:58 PM

Gluten Free Menus in San Fran

My wife is celiac patient. Where are the places in San Fran that have a large gluten free selection, the wait staff have a clue, and perhpas they even have a GF manu?

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  1. Here's a link to an earlier thread to get you started. Hope we come up with some other ideas for you.

    1. My wife found this so will share will fellow hounds

      Hello all,

      My apologies - I meant to do this a long time ago, and then I saw today's message with the same question that I posted a while ago..

      Thank you all for the answers regarding SF and the Bay area GF. Some of you sent your own summaries, so I'm posting those as well.

      Stores: Whole Foods and Trader Joe's are the major ones carrying a nice selection of GF stuff in SF. I found that WF (on Franklin & California) have the better selection. Also, supermarkets such as Cal-Mart (Laurel Village) and Cala-Foods have some stuff too.


      Jane recommended Outback which has a GF menu (in Sausalito) and Nick's Lighthouse, where she was able to have the chef make a few changes.

      Terri recommended Crave, A San Francisco Bakery - - brownies, cookies, etc. they have a list of locations where their goodies can be found.

      Jeff suggested for a list of 105+
      national/regional restaurants and their lists of gluten/wheat free items.

      Summary 1:

      Anne forwarded to me the following summary that was posted by Marian from Feb. '05 list:

      Restaurant list:

      Rainforest Cafe
      Lori's Diners
      The Fish Market
      Max's Deli
      PF Changs
      Whole Foods (groceries
      )Trader Joes (groceries)

      Following are excerpts from responses I received:

      Contact Rainforest Cafe at their website and they will accommodate you =
      S.F. =20
      Alioto's and Fisherman's Grotto on the pier. Great view.

      Lori's Diners...a chain. Just make sure your eggs are not mixed in with =
      the pancakes, etc.=20
      They're all designed like 1950's era.

      Marin county.... Frantoio's or something like that,=20
      where they actually press olives in a real olive press in front of the=20
      diners....behind glass. Expensive. Not kid oriented.

      ... Scoma's, where I've had great Sausalito...
      I think there is also a Scoma's at Fisherman's Wharf in=20

      South of the airport in the San Mateo area is The Fish Market. Loved =
      food. Lots of choices.=20

      Max's Deli, where you can buy lo-carb....just meat...dishes and I'm =
      sure, salads. Not sure of the night,=20
      but the waiters sing opera sometimes. There are other Max's Deli's in =
      city. The portions are enormous and everyone enjoyed the ice cream =

      "Hobee's" in the Palo Alto, Mountain View and Sunnyvale area.=20
      They are kid friendly, they have veggie=20
      meals, BUT I can not guarantee that you will get a gluten-free meal.=20

      PF Chang's in Sunnyvale w/ GF menu.

      PF Changs. Outback. Both of those places are kid friendly and would =
      have veg. options. Maybe not so much at Outback but they do have salads =
      and steamed veggies. =20

      I sent a summary to the list regarding SF and the Cuppertino areas for =
      food options. Here is one of the links I got for information:
      Click here: San Francisco Bay Area Celiac Support Groups Restaurants =
      with Gluten Free Items=20

      Try going to for a list of 59 =
      restaurants and their lists of gluten/wheat free items. There's also a
      gluten free dining card that can be presented to restaurant personnel to
      ease the ordering process.

      Summary 2 ( by Shereen):

      Hi, Thanks to all for your suggestions. First there is a website,
      >, which is a blog on restaurants
      >in the Bay Area. They don't have restaurants that have gluten free menus
      >except for the usual Outbacks and PF Chang's, etc. That was disappointing.
      >I am from New York and we are fortunate to have numerous restaurants with
      >special GF menus courtesy of GFRAP. The Bay Area should too!
      >Old files were generously provided, but some restaurants and cafes that
      >were accommodating are no more, like Alma's. The Dolores Park Cafe's gluten
      >free baker passed away,I was told, and not replaced.
      >I went to an organic live food restaurant, reasonably priced and lovely,
      >Cafe Gratitude, located at 1336 9th Ave, which is near Golden Gate
      >Park. It is also at 2400 Harrison St in SF and 1730 Shattuck Ave in
      >Its web site is at They said that most of their menu
      >is gluten free except for what contained soy sauce. I felt okay after eating
      >their pizza, no stomach complaints nor telling DH symptoms. I would highly
      >recommend them.
      >I went to Eric's, a Chinese restaurant in Noe Valley (Sanchez and 27th) that
      >was recommended. They were not very communicative about the gf, and I was
      >disappointed in this. I was steered away from the mango chicken by the
      >who said that it might have soy sauce. He would not let me talk to the cook
      >or manager (not there he said). I had a cod dish and veggie/tofu with white
      >sauce dishes. I did not get sick, but was turned off to their lack of
      >communication. Would not go back there.
      >I went to Amberjack Sushi, also on 27th and Sanchez. It was fine. My friend
      >insisted on my getting vinegar free rice and they were accomodating. My
      >friend recommends this restaurant for the quality of the sushi.
      >I was told that the Daily Grill at 347 Gearywas accomodating. I went to
      >Buckeye's in Marin. The waiter's mother in law had celiac disease,
      >miraculously, and he was helpful. However, I itched my DH the next day. I
      >eaten simply with salad fish and veggies.

      Eat well and stay healthy!



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        My goodness. This is WONDERFUL. Thanks so for taking the time to post this. It will be such a help for people in the future. It is one of those posts I'm definately bookmarking.

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          most welcome.


          Celiacs of the world unite!

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            Zadin is a great new restaurant in Noe serving gluten free vietnamese food and beer.

      2. Cafe Mariposa on Telegraph Ave. in Oakland.. just wanted to add.