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Jun 23, 2006 10:55 PM

Kosher Delis in San Francisco

Where can I find a good kosher deli in San Francisco. Been to that place is Berkeley- sub-par at best

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  1. The real answer is to fly down to LA; however,from old posts:

    Moishe's Pippic is excellent. Would not recommend the knish, but the meat are really tasty, with a good amount of fat to lend to the flavor. The food and the very friendly "kibbitzing" staff give this place easy appeal for becoming a regular hangout.
    Hayes and Gough Streets, in Hayes Valley.
    My relatives in SF (all Jewish) don't seem to like Moishe's Pipic. East West Deli is where they are going for SF "haimish" (homestyle) food these days.
    The Grove (In the Marina)
    Deli meat comes from Katz's Deli on the Lower East Side, famous for Meg Ryan's rapturous scene. I was in the neighborhood and tried it today. They even have the courage to serve it with the usual amount of fat. It's on the menu as a Reuben and I don't think I really like it with melted cheese and Russian dressing which are better suited to dryer and leaner corned beef. The other problem was they were out of rye bread tonight, not quite the same on toasted white. And, unlike Katz's where you split one sandwich into portions big enough to feed two or three people, the serving size here would have been better piled onto a single piece of bread for a reasonable sized half sandwich. Yet, I was happy to have real NY pastrami in my mouth. $8.50 at The Grove is cheaper than flying to New York.
    Saul's Deli & Restaurant
    1475 Shattuck Avenue
    Berkeley, CA 94709
    (510) 848-DELI
    Better than most
    East Coast West Delicatessen
    1725 Polk (at Clay), S.F. 563-3542.
    doesn't look like a New York deli (too much space, air, light), but the huge, fattily satisfying Reubens, platters of meat loaf, black-and-white cookies, and all the other standards compare commendably to their East Coast cousins. (P.R., 11/01) Deli, BR/L/D, $, MC/V.
    M&L Market (I've alway's known it as May's) on 14th. st. just east of Church st. right off Market (south side). Been there at least 20 years and still run by the same Asian family. I don't think it's possible to spend more than $5 on a sandwich. And these sandwiches are huge. Yes - it is hot. I don't think there's a micro. on the premises.
    People line up to eat the pastrami & corn beef. Actually, I'm sure they're eating lots a stuff, but you can smell the spicy pastrami out to the street and about 30 feet from the door on a good day.

    1. There are NO kosher deli's in San Francisco..(or maybe in the whold Bay least I can't think of any)....there are "kosher style" deli's...and the previous poster mentioned some of them, there's also a relatively new one in the JCC on Calif. street......none of them have a 'great" reputation...some can be good...but very inconsistent...

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        I agree, except that the JCC Restaurant is Asian Fusion, not at all a deli.

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          Yes there is an asian fusion restaurant at the JCC (which has gotten very good press)...but there is ALSO a Jewish Deli accessed from inside the front door of the JCC on the right hand side (it actually opened before the other restaurant) it is this place that I referenced...give it a try and let us know your experience!

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            The Jewish Deli at the JCC has Joyce Goldstein as its consulting chef, and we were told the kitchen attempts to keep kosher; no meat & dairy, no shellfish or pork, but that's about it.
            California Street Delicatessen and Cafe:

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                Thanks for the link, Melanie. Yes, the California Street Delicatessen and Cafe is good (definitely better than Saul's in Berkeley and Brother's in Burlingame), but never motivated me enough to return from the Peninsula. If I lived closer, that would have likely been a different story. Good enough food, but nothing to go out of your way for.

        2. Moishe's Pippic and David's Deli both fit the bill. I like sitting at the counter of David's and ordering a reuben with split pea soup, and saving room for a bite of David's many desserts. All washed down with a cream soda, of course.

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            Stopped at David's recently for the first time in decades. The apple strudel wasn't half bad.

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