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The site looks amazing, and is way easier to use than one that was tested a couple of years ago. Many congrats.

However, I have yet to find Oklahoma. Not in the South (thankfully) or the Midwest, or the Southwest, or with Texas (where I've always thought it should be), or even the dreaded "Elsewhere". I've been over and over, but maybe I have missed it.

Did y'all do a Rand McNally on us? (as in leaving us out of the Atlas).

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  1. Wyoming isn't listed either. I am sure there are others.

    1. Betty

      We did not "bust out" the country yet. The USA regional boards are just like before....for now. We're doing this one step at a time. Betty, you shall have, as promised years ago, a good place to discuss OK, I promise. Just not today.

      This is all work in progress. We're still working on this software.

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      1. Need a "Plains States" or Midwest-west of the Mississippi subforum, for that is the natural place folks in those states will look.

        1. You know what's way cool? You're now officially, the one and only "Betty" on this site!

          1. As long as Betty is still posting, Oklahoma should get its own doggone board! (I'm pleased to make her one of my first "tracked" posters--still waiting to see how that particular function will work in practice.)

            As much as it pains this ex-Okie to say so, I also agree with Betty that when you do get around to re-drawing the regional boundaries, it makes the most sense to group the Sooner State with Texas; if you do this, though, please change the name of the board to Tex/OK so we don't disappear completely!

            I would also assume that a new Hawaii board will be in the offing. That won't leave much for the "Elsewhere" board, which is fun to read--I love learning about the best dining in Prudhoe Bay and Salmon, ID and such--but don't let that stop you!

            Thanks for all the work. I'm starting to get used to the new format and I surely do appreciate the working search function. (And I will look forward to the return of Hotposts, rising from the ashes like a Phoenix . . .)

            1. So I noticed that Oklahoma is now listed as one of the states covered on the Midwest boards. However, someone has moved a post about Tulsa dining to the South boards. Could the Higher Ups please make up their minds & stick to just one area for the Oklahoma posts?

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              1. re: RoseViolet

                Definitely our mistake, sorry. We've moved it back to Midwest.

                1. re: The Chowhound Team

                  Oklahoma has been on the South board ever since Chowhound.com was founded. .I've posted long reviews of Tulsa there for years. Oklahoma's culinary heritage is southern. We have cowboys, Indians, ranches, squabbling over water rights, which should put us in the Southwest. But for a food discussion, South suits me just fine. I dont think there's a single person in the state of OK who considers himself a midwesterner. So who moved it to the Midwest board??

                  1. re: Brian S

                    Here is archive.org's cache of the South board for May, 2000, proving that Oklahoma was on it even then.


                    1. re: Brian S

                      I consider Oklahoma more midwest based. The one guideline I use is does every place that serves breakfast offer grits? I have a lot of trouble finding grits here in Tulsa. Lots of hash browns and home fries but a little short on the grits. Having grown up in the far deep south, no grits and no sweet tea, you are something else. Just my take on the state of the world.

                  1. re: Melanie Wong

                    A more definitive test - based on Jacquilynne's reply to you this morning on your other inquiry.

                    1. re: Servorg

                      It's nice to have this discussion revived... but I'm more or less reconciled to Oklahoma being in the Midwest board. To my friends in Tulsa, I simply explain that Tulsa isn't REALLY in the Midwest, and to my friends in, say, Indiana etc etc, I say, hey, I'm in the Midwest just like you!

                      1. re: Brian S

                        It really is a collection of Land Rush cuisines. Lower midwest? I find the food here to be closer to what I find in Kansas City than what I find in the DFW. And I missed my chance to get some Buffalo BBQ in Sperry this week by being asleep at the wheel. Donny Teel serves up some seriously good bbq, well worth the drive.