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Your Regulars - Winter and Summer?

The first post on the new Beer board! The urge to leave my footprints in the fresh snow is overwhelming.

Winter beers - Sierra Nevada Pale Ale and Brooklyn Lager.

I like hoppy beers so Sierra is tops on the list. Liberty Ale is also a favorite for the same reason. Brooklyn Lager is a well made local brew and I need to do my part to support the economy.

Summer Beers - Yuengling Lager and Rolling Rock.

Yuengling is relatively cheap yet it has excellent flavor for a lighter bodied beer. As a bonus, it's brewed in Pennsylvania by a brewery that's been family owned for over 100 years.

Rolling Rock is light and refreshing - the perfect beer to replenish those bodily fluids when you're doing yardwork. People either love it or hate it. I love it.

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  1. Leinenkugel is a winter favorite of mine (perhaps for my nostalgic U-Wisconsin reasons) but our "house beer" here in Oklahoma is pretty much Shiner Bock year-round. I like all Shiner products, but Bock is the standard.

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      I love, love, LOVE Leinie's. I'm drinking one now -- but I can only get them when kind people from the Midwest bring them, or when I go myself. In point of fact I can fit two cases of 12 in each of my roller bags with enough room to fit clothes for a weekend if I don't bring any shoes. Then I can come back with 48 bottles.

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        And it is worth the effort. We've been able to get Leinie's in Oklahoma for two or three years now. Fancy new packaging and new varieties and all. So maybe they will expand to where you are.

    2. Year-round: Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, Anchor Steam, Red Tail

      Winter: Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale, Anchor OSA

      Summer: Sierra Nevada Summerfest, Widmer Hefeweizen, Ommegang's Hennipen

      1. I love my Gorden Biersch Marzen...living in Los Angeles, I don't know what "winter" or "summer" is.....never been a fan of Sierra Nevadas for some reason or another....love the Rouge brews.....yum.

        1. There's really no Winter and Summer in San Francisco proper, but the year around I'm a marcher in the Sierra Nevada Pale Ale parade, too. I also am a fan of Sierra Nevada's Porter, which I think is underrated/overlooked as a worthy representative of a dying genre. I've also never been disappointed in any produck from Mendocino Brewery.

          I'm supposed to like Anchor Steam, but really haven't been able to generate any enthusiasm for it since Fritz Maytag tamed it and bottled it.

          And oh, yeah, Duvel when I'm feeling rich. But I'll make due with whatever's handy, even if its name is just beer spelled backward:

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            So Anchor Steam was different before Fritz Maytag took over in the 60s? How?

          2. Like Bob Martinez, I'm a hophead. My standard year round IPA is the Hop Ottin from Andersen Valley Brewing Company. Super hoppy with several layers of aroma and bite.


            If not the Hop Ottin, I like the IPA and ESB's from Mendocino Brewing.

            Occasionally, I prefer a lighter beer, and like the Warsteiner lager. Clean, lingering malt finish without being overdry.

            1. Light, clean finish (but tasty) lager - Yebisu Premium. Standard Japanese stuff, but this one's somewhat hoppy.

              Hefe Weizen's - Local Haverhill Brewery has a fine one, Harpoon's (UFO) is good for a national.

              I love malt. Nothing like a good Irish stout - Murphy's, Guinness is good if you get the foreign extra stout.

              Another ale I like - Ommegang Rare VOS.

              In the bar, it's a half & half or a black & tan - whatever they call it, I like it better with Harp lager, not Bass ale.

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                just an fyi, at least in the pubs I frequent in nyc

                Half and Half = Harp and stout

                Black and Tan = Bass and stout

              2. Nothing like a hot, Summer day on the porch with a crisp, refreshing pilsner. I like Trumer and Blue Paddle.

                On a cold Winter night I favor barley wine. It's particularly special as you can only get it a few months out of the year. Fuller's is one of my favorites, though on special occasions I open a Yoho (Japanese microbrewery). Pair it with a nice aged cheese and I forget all about the rain.

                1. (fka Christine)

                  Mmm, beer: I love my Trappist brews, Chimay, Affligem, Piraat, Gulden Draak, which are drinkable through most of LA's temperate climate. Murphy's Stout is on the cool-weather list, too. Warmer weather is for Anchor Steam, Bohemia, Sierra Nevada Pale, and Stella (especially when Costco has it).

                  Thanks for this special beer page!

                  1. Beers are (or should be) a local production. I'm mildly suspicious of stuff that's travelled too far. I live in Maine, and we have a great selection of local producers including Allagash, Gritty McDuffs, Geary's and Shipyard (Alan Pugsley, a beer evangelist, set up more than one of these a few years back, but don't quote me on which ones specifically). My favorites:

                    Summer: All the local breweries produce nice summer ales, but, being a girl, I like Allagash White, a Belgian-style wheat beer. Lemon slice, tall glass, banana-clove aroma, etc.

                    Winter: We have a lot of producers of heavy, filling winter-style beers including Geary's Hampshire Special and Bigfoot Barleywine, but I'm not usually into heavy-bodied drinks that knock you on your butt. I like Gritty's Scotch Ale, which has a pretty good balance of malt & hops without being too chewy.

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                      A new lobster "shack" in the San Francisco Bay Area serves Shipyard on tap -- my husband and I like their beers quite a bit.

                    2. My go-to summer beer is Hennepin or any of a number of IPAs.

                      For winter, it's Anchor Christmas (OSA) or most any IPA.

                      Year-round, at home, I've been drinking Sea Dog IPA - not really an IPA in the American sense, but it satisfies and fits the budget (when I was on the west coast it was Boont, but now I'm back east and poorer).

                      1. If you like hoppy beers, Alpha King is, umm, King. From Three Floyds, but I think you better hurry.
                        I also like the 60 minute IPA from Dogfishhead.
                        Shiner Hefe is a good summer session beer, but is the only Shiner beer I like.
                        Want to try a really hoppy wheat? Gumballhead from Three Floyds, but again I think you better hurry.

                        1. At the moment my favorite summer beers are Ommegang's Hennepin and Hoegarten. Actually, any well-made whitbeer will do. In winter I like Guinness, Sam Smith Taddy Porter, Ommegang Rare Vos, but generally any well-made porter.

                          My all-time favorite any time of year, whenever I can get my hands on one (it has happened only twice) is Courage Brewery's Russian Imperial Stout.

                          1. Hard to pass up on a good Hefe-weizen for a summer brew...

                            Here in the Twin Cities, Summit Brewing has a limited run belgian style ale (only available on tap) called Scandia (spices like cardamom to give it a "Scandinavian" feel) that's just a FANTASTIC warm-weather beer. Only bad thing is it's not available in many locations at all...

                            For winter, I've always been a fan of the Bell's stouts, especially the Double Cream.

                            1. living in california i tend to drink the local stuff. Stone, Anderson valley ar emy two go to breweries

                              1. summer: any sort of german hefeweizen. i like paulaner, schneider, and weihenstephaner the most.

                                winter: dogfish head's raison d'etre.

                                1. Summer- weihenstephaner hefeweizen (had one this morning watching the World cup) and Saison Dupont.

                                  Winter- Brooklyn chocolate stout, Leffe Brun, Blue Point Toasted Lager, Sammy Smith's Oatmeal Stout and Pete's Wicked Winter brew. Wow I really like to drink when it's cold

                                  1. in the summer time, i always have a case of bell's oberon ale (brewed in kalamazoo) handy. its a refreshing beer with a snappy, slightly citrusy flavor.

                                    1. Agree on Bell's Oberon;
                                      Troegs Sunshine Pils is current summer favorite.

                                      1. SIXPOINT CRAFT ALES (sixpointcraftales.com) for all seasons.
                                        They're the new and true "brooklyn's brewery".

                                        Winter: Sixpoint Brownstone

                                        Summer: Sixpoint IPA (Bengali Tiger)

                                        1. I mostly drink my own beer in the summer and winter - right now I have a rye IPA and a hoppy American wheat on tap.

                                          But when the winter seasonals roll around, I break down and buy some Sierra Nevada Celebration and Bigfoot. Oh yeah, and whenever Three Floyds Dreadnaught comes around, I try to grab a case - getting closer and closer to replicating this one myself though.

                                          1. I seem to drink a lot of IPA in the summer -- my faves are Magic Hat #9 and Dogfish Head 60 Minute. In the winter I don't drink a lot of beer, these last couple of years anyway.

                                            1. There's nothing more summery than Erdinger on tap, preferably sipped on a patio overlooking Venice Beach.

                                              1. My beer preferences don't change with the seasons.. I like dunkel weissens and doppel bocks. No specific favorites. I usually get whatever the bar has, if they have it. Haven't had a bad one yet.

                                                1. This is my first year homebrewing, and I find it's really expanded my horizons in terms of learning about simple, refreshing English and German beers. Right now for summer I'm enjoying English-style bitters, Munich Helles lagers, saison, and K├Âlsch. (Also about to try making an American-style honey ginger lager, but who knows...) In winter I like Dunkelweizen, stout and brown ale.

                                                  1. I like the real hoppy stuff:
                                                    Southern Tier IPA
                                                    Victory Hop Devil IPA
                                                    Keegan's Hurricane Kitty IPA
                                                    Lake Placid Frostbite Ale

                                                    Other Favorites:
                                                    Rogue American Amber & St. Rogue Red Ale
                                                    Victory Prima Pils

                                                    And in the winter, my favorite is Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale

                                                    1. Summer: Avery's White Rascal witbeir, Stone IPA, Stone Levitation, Rogue Soba ale, Victory Prima Pils, Brasserie Dupont Biere de Miel, Petrus Aged Pale Ale (sour Belgian pale), Oud Beersel gueuze

                                                      Winter: Samuel Smith's Winter Welcome, Anchor Christmas Beer, Hitachino New Year's Ale