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Jun 23, 2006 05:40 PM

Taam-Tov in Manhattan's Diamond District?

From a very fine article on the Diamond District in NYC, this little gem of culinary intelligence:

"For 58 years, 41 W. 47th St. was home to the Gotham Book Mart, a literary mecca sandwiched between diamond dealers. Since Gotham's high-profile relocation to 46th Street in 2004 (acquiescing to the swelling price of diamond district real estate, Gotham's owner, Andreas Brown, sold the five-story townhouse and bought another one two blocks away for $2 million less), 41 West now boasts a new jewelry exchange and, on the second floor, Manhattan's only Bukharan kosher eatery, Taam-Tov, where a devoted clientele of Central Asian Jews gather daily for traditional shish kebabs, platters of plov (rice pilaf), dense hummus, and thick, crusty bread."



My reaction: Whoa. Anybody been?

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  1. It's great, one of my favorite kosher lunch options. The kebabs are top notch and the bread is unreal.

    1. The pelmeni soup stands out in my memory, as does the khachapuri (or however you spell that). However, is it on the 2nd floor - I always thought it was on the 4th or 5th... or am I thinking of another restaurant?

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        The interesting "2nd Floor restaurant" of the Diamond District is Diamond Dairy. It's a dairy kosher (obviously). Terrific food.

      2. And by khachapuri - which obviosuly would not be served as this place is kosher, I meant samsa. Which I believed may have been camca on the menu. But it had a very crisp dough and tasty lamb on the inside.

        1. Their plov is great - bits of meat, lots of rice, nice and greasy.

          1. Thanks to all for their responses. I am definitely going to check this out next week; I have an appointment in midtown around lunchtime on Wednesday, and will go early or late.