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Jun 23, 2006 04:21 AM

Mini-guide to small eats and food stalls in Shanghai

Here's a very useful (and in English!) link with thumbnail descriptions and pictures of 72 delicious snack places in Shanghai that fly beneath the radar of most guidebooks.

Here's to the new Chowhound China Forum!

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  1. This is absolutely great! I may try to put together something similar on Beijing, if there's any interest.

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    1. re: James G

      i have a great interest in the cuisine of northern china in yes please do!

      1. re: James G

        My wife and I will be in Beijing for a month this autumn. We would very much appreciate such information.


      2. Thanks for posting those tips! I'm dying to see this board grow and unlock all the chowhounding in China.

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        1. re: Tatum

          There's already been a fair amount of posting on China, all things considered, but it tended to get lost as part of the immense "International" forum. But now, without the distractions of Paris and Christchurch, we can really focus on making a great shared resource.

        2. Good to see you here, Gary. I think Chowhound 2.0 is going to be fun!