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Jun 22, 2006 01:11 PM

Top Chef, Season 2 - no more Katie Robot!

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Just read a blog on the site today that had a link to a blog, saying Katie's been told to "pack her knives and go." :-)


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  1. Hurray!!!!!
    For once, a smart decision by TV execs.....

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    1. re: veggielovah

      I know! I am so excited, although she was fun to make fun of. Can't wait for the new season. Hell's Kitchen is no substitute. FYI, the season of TC replays all day on Bravo on July 10th, starting at 1pm, I think. I'll be home from work in time to watch the finale again!

      1. re: Claire

        I missed the finale - flew to Europe that night. If you don't forget please post a reminder when they replay it. TIA:)

        1. re: EMZ

          I missed the final episode as well.

          I thought it was strange that they replayed every episode around 57 times during the course of its run, then only replayed the final episode once.

        2. re: Claire

          Thank you so much for this! My husband, who's an avid fan of TC and had nearly all the episodes recorded, was so distraught when he found out that he accidentally taped over EPISODE 12 (Season Finale Part 2)! Thank you again for this as BravoTV has nothing on their site about reruns of TC.

      2. I don't know about you all, but I emailed Andy Cohen -- the guy who blogs on the show on the Bravo web site -- to register my displeasure with Miss Plastic smile. He is reputedly the producer of the show. Who knows, maybe enough people complained and they yanked her off. of course not all my suggestions were taken. I wanted Gail Simmons off of there too.

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        1. re: Phaedrus

          Gail Simmons is the special projects person at the magazine, so i'm not sure how that qualifies her to be a judge.

        2. Top Chef is such a great show. On Wednesday I'm going to a dinner at Tribeca Grill cooked by Harold, Lee Ann and Stephen. I cant wait.

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          1. re: belle

            belle- Can't wait ti hear how your dinner goes. Please post your comments. Love to hear how Stephen behaves. Have fun.

            1. re: belle

              Belle, lucky you! Can't wait to hear about it - please post back on how your dinner was! (Where would that be - on the NYC board?)

            2. bummer...she was nice eye candy....they should have taken her off the panel..just smile and look good.

              1. I just posted on the NY board. Stephen was exceptionally gracious and nice and his wine choices were amazing. Only saw Lee Ann for a very short time. Harold was also friendly and nice as well. Miguel and Andrea were both there too. He was a lot of fun. Gail from F&W was there and she is much smaller in person.

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                1. re: belle

                  Thanks for the heads up!! Now off to the NY board.......