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Jun 22, 2006 12:37 PM

Recommendations...jarred vodka sauce

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I'm seeking out a good jarred vodka sauce. Any recommendations.

And I'm not looking to make my own, no matter how easy it is.

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  1. I recommend Rao's - I ususally add some sort of hot pepper - and toss in some crab meat.


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    1. re: AimeeP

      I totally agree. I like to add peas and some sauteed prosciutto into mine.


    2. I like Victoria brand, from Brooklyn, NY. $6.99 a jar, better than Rao's, available in Stop & Shops in MA, CT, NY, NJ, RI, and at Big Ys as well. Don't know what other markets carry it. Their puttanesca and marinara sauces are good too.

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        Also available at Sahadi's (in downtown Brooklyn), not suprisingly much cheaper (I think maybe 4.75). I've tried Victoria's artichoke pasta sauce, which i fell in love with, i assume the vodka one is just as good.

      2. I've used Rao's and liked it, but recently discovered Cento's vodka sauce (in NYC, I get it at Fairway), which has definitely become my favorite jarred sauce. It's imported from Italy and made with San Marzano tomatoes, which give it a distinctive tomatoey sweetness and flavor.

        1. I'll just reiterate the three mentioned thus far: Rao's, Victoria's and Cento's. The latter is not as calorically rich.

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            Very pleased with Victoria's Puttanesca sauce. $5.99-$6.99 range. I modify it a bit before serving with few added ingredients of my own. Their Vodka sauce I'm not familiar with, but I'd be willing to give it a try.



          2. For a delicious low-cost alternative, Trader Joe's Organic Vodka Sauce is the only jarred tomato sauce I will eat. I haven't tried these other more expensive brands, though I will say I wasn't impressed with a Rao's marinara I had a few years ago. I love the Trader Joe's Organic Vodka Sauce. Highly recommended, and not more than $3 a jar.

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              I concur on Trader Joe's vodka sauce, although they're not everywhere in the states yet...if you have one in your 'hood I highly recommend. Quite good. And on a separate note, the Trader Joe's canned 'green label' marinara sauce is very good.

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                Cento, which I noted below, imports a terrific vodka sauce from Italy based on San Marzano tomatos (and no 'unnatural' ingredients or added sugars) which I prefer to Rao's. I paid $3.99 for 28 ounces, which strikes me as not particularly expensive.

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                  I've tried the TJ's, and it's just not as good as the Victoria's. The Victoria's is worth the price-- although every once in a while it will be on sale for $4 a jar and then I buy a ton of jars.

                  Newman's Vodka is OK-- I bought it once in desperation, but it's on the same level as the TJ's.