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I am looking to buy some LE CREUSET COOKWARE in Flame. I need some suggestions as to where to find the best prices.


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  1. Scroll down--this was just discussed two days ago.

    1. ebay. The prices can't be beat. Buy from a reputable seller and you can't go wrong.

      1. If your really lucky and willing to do some shopping, they can be found from time to time at Home Goods, TJ Maxx or Marshalls at great prices. Hope you find the one you want at the right price.

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          Marshall's used to have LC dutch ovens regularly. I got a huge one (I think it's 9 qt) for under $100. It's one of those LC "seconds," meaning there's a defect, but all I could find was a tiny scratch on the bottom side of it.

          But long story short, I haven't seen any LC products at Marshall's other than casseroles and pie plates for at least two years. Very sad, but if others spy them do post so I can go searching my area Marshall's too!

        2. I second ebay, but you have to be patient. Set up a search for what you're looking for. You'll get an email everytime new items come up for auction.
          I've bought 2 pieces for less than $100 each so far (a 5.5-qt and a 9-qt...both round Dutch ovens). Flame seems to be the most popular color and the prices on those pieces aren't as low...but keep looking!

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            you can look for descoware too (belgian company purchased by le creuset a while back) on ebay - vintage pieces in retro colors like flame and harvest gold at very reasonable prices.

          2. The Le Creuset outlet stores will be having their storewide sale from June 30 to July 9. I just received my "preferred customer" coupon good for 30% off all purchases over $75. I think that the discount for non-preferred customers may be less, but call your local outlet store for details -- I think (but I'm not sure) that if you ask to be put on the mailing list, you become a preferred customer. Note that the discount is also on seconds -- a really great deal! I've gotten a few cosmetic seconds and after a few months I now can't tell the difference between them and the firsts that I own. Oh, and orders for $350 or more ship free. Here's a link to a store locator:


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              Thanks so much for the heads up!! We have an outlet nearby and will checking it out this weekend! :)


            2. Caplan Duval is having an amazing sale on oval ovens in blue--$105 for 5 qt and $125 for 6.25 qt, w/ free shipping in North America! I am seriously tempted.

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                My 5 qt yellow oval from Caplan Duval ended up costing about $125 with shipping charges, so these are nice prices. I've seen these for under a hundred bucks at Marshall's, but it's strictly catch as catch can.

                1. re: yayadave

                  I also bought mine (7 quart)from Caplan Duval. I don't remember how much it ended up costing, but it was significantly cheaper than anywhere else I'd seen (even with shipping costs, if there were any) and it came within like TWO days! Near-instant gratification.

              2. If you do happen to find "seconds" at a discount store, most of the time the defects are miniscule and entirely cosmetic.

                Once I did buy a shallow covered paella-style pan, and the lid was taped to the pan. When I got it home, there was an huge gash in the enamel, across the entire surface of the pan.

                Sent it back to Le Creusset, and they replaced it, no questions asked (except for what color I'd prefer).

                1. I've seen some great buys at amazon.com with free shipping to boot.

                  1. This may be too late for you, but I just wanted to mention that I just bought my very first Le Creuset French oven online at Cutlery and More. I got the 7.25 qt. round in flame as well as a bonus grill pan for $199.95 total. No tax and free shipping. Here's the page w/ the clearance special: http://www.cutleryandmore.com/lecreus...

                    I've bought a couple things from this site before and have found them to be very speedy and reliable. I've seen the price a little lower on other sites in the past, but I was so itching to get one that I think this is a pretty good deal. The grill pan is quite small and kind of a joke since it could cook one large or 2 small steaks, but at least it matches. :-


                    First thing I made was chicken riesling from the Balthazar book since that's one of the shorter braises and lighter dishes for the summer heat: http://i2.photobucket.com/albums/y45/...
                    Anyone interested in the recipe should search home cooking for "chicken riesling" or post a query there.

                    The pan worked beautifully (and looked beautiful), but I think it will get even better w/ continued use. Can't wait! Cleaned up in a snap.

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                    1. re: Carb Lover

                      Congrats on your purchase!! That same exact set was my first purchase as well! I adore it and have sense grown the 'family' (My latest aquisition was a Saucier and Butter dish from the LC Outlet sale! ;))

                      I have to stick up for the grill pan though, I ADORE mine. Yes, it is small, but is really the best grill pan I've had (I've tried several and chucked them all once I saw how great this one was!). Like all LC Stuff, it just get SO Hot and has great non-stick properties. The marks and flavor from these marks are great, so much so, some folks in the past have thought the chicken and burgers have come off the BBQ grill (You can see an example of my grilled chicken the Boozy Cheese photo:


                      In fact, I use it so much, it's almost ALWAYS on my stove (Especially since I'm prone to cooking up a whole batch of chicken for Salads and easy snacking for the week...) and it recently did an amazing job making Paninis!! (Done the old Italian Way, with a cast iron skillet as the 'press... LOL! :))

                      Anyway, I know you will love your dutch oven, but if given a chance, you will love your grill pan too! :)


                      1. re: Dommy

                        Thanks for defending the "little guy", Dommy! I guess its attributes got overshadowed by the big, heavy round oven. I'm truly excited to try it now. I think I'll start w/ panini or a nice juicy ribeye steak. Can't wait to see how it compares to my Calphalon grill pan.

                        Approx. how long do you pre-heat the pan for? I'm still getting acquainted w/ how these things respond to heat.

                        1. re: Carb Lover

                          I turn it on a few minutes before I start to grill.

                          Basically, I turn it on right before I take out the thawed chicken from the fridge and spice it (I recently got the lemon pepper grinder from TJs and it's excellent for spicing chicken! :)). Then I just wave my hand over it and when I feel the heat, I slap down my chicken. It does heat up pretty fast. :)


                    2. I've seen pieces at Ross Dress for Less often.