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Jun 22, 2006 10:03 AM

whole wheat challah

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Where can I get the best whole wheat challah in NYC

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  1. Zomick's is available at many locations, most notably Fairway. I think Kosher Marketplace has another brand as well.

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      Zomicks seems to be a mixture with a high percentage of white flour to whole wheat. Eagles' in Brooklyn and Yossi's have really, really good whole wheat. Weiss' bakery on 13th Avenue has a dense whhole wheat that might be the real thing. Fairway bakes them only for Rosh Hashana

      1. re: Andrew

        Schreibers has it too

    2. Not sure if it's kosher, but it is pareve - Healthy Delites whole-wheat challah is sold in some groceries, such as Garden of Eden.

      1. The Whole Wheat Challah at Silver Moon Bakery- Broadway and 106 (ish) is TO DIE FOR. I'm pretty sure its Dairy, though.

        1. I don't think Silver Moon has WW Challah on a regular basis. However, I'm fairly sure it's pareve.

          1. Schreiber's on Avenue M makes 100% whole wheat challah, but honestly, it's not that tasty.