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Jun 22, 2006 03:36 PM

Diet Apple Snapple?

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For many years I was always able to find Diet Apple drink from Snapple at the Hoboken train station (the stand with the fruit cups between the waiting room doors and PATH entry), but as of 2004, no more.

I've never found them in food stores, either in PA where I currently live or the few I drop into here. Am I just looking in the wrong ones?

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  1. Not sure if this will help, but according to their website, they do in fact still make it. I've never seen it myself - it looks good.

    Also, Mott's just introduced a new line of light apple juice drinks that you might check out.

    Good luck with the search!


    1. When I cannot find a product, I send an e-mail note to the company website (be sure to include your zip code). I usually get a 24-48 turnaround with a list of stores that sell the product in my neighborhood.


      P.S. It does taste good.

        1. re: Bob Frable

          UPDATE: I never heard from Snapple.

          Are there through-the-internet retailers that ship Snapple to you? I keep thinking did, but wanted to make sure.