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Jun 22, 2006 08:53 PM

Central London (or very near)--Caribbean Restaurants

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Though I've been to London several times, I've never located a caribbean restaurant in central London. I would love any information if such places exist.

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    Simon Majumdar

    There is a tiny place called The Red Chilli on The Holloway Rd ( directly opposite Mann & Overton dealers for the London Black Cab ) which is two mins walk from Highbury & Islington Station walking north.

    The service is, shall we say, relaxed. But, they do great jerk chicken, akee & saltfish and Guinness Punch.

    I have not been in about six months, but it was always a good option for a budget meal.

    Hope this helps

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    1. re: Simon Majumdar

      Thanks for the info. I'll be staying near Gloucester tube. I had heard of Bamboula, so its nice to have a report--Brixton isn't too far. I once ate at Cotton's on Chalk Farm Rd, I thought is was quite good but expensive compared to the US (as are most items there).

      I've read about the Mango Room--is this place any good?

      1. re: Ora

        We used to do business meals fairly often at the Mango Room. I've always enjoyed it, though I'd say it's pleasant as opposed to a fantastic culinary experience. The extremely strong cocktails help things along nicely. Prices are definitely on the higher side, though, and if I were footing the bill myself I'm not sure if it would be my pick.

        (And it's in Camden. Meh.)

        1. re: w/l

          There are no Caribbean restaurants which offer a "fantastic culinary experience" in London. Mango Room is probably the best. Caribbean food tends to come under the banner of "cheap ethnic eats" and no restaurant has really transcended this category

          1. re: Tony Finch

            cheap ethnic eats can still equal a fantastic culinary experience. i wasn't referring to presentation/decor/style, i was referring only to quality of the food. the mango room is fine but nothing mind-blowing.

            1. re: w/l

              I do not dispute that cheap ethnic eats can be a great culinary experience.There is no Caribbean restaurant in London where it is. Nor is there any Caribbean restaurant in London which transcends cheap ethnic eats.

              The fact is that Carribean cuisine in London is generally of a low standard compared to other cuisines, ethnic or otherwise.

    2. I would definitely recomment Bamboula in Brixton which has great food - from callaloo to goat curry to jerk chicken, as well as fresh fish and prawn dishes. for something a little lower down the scale but equally authentic there are also a lot of cafes selling great caribbean cusine.

      1. I gave the wrong name.

        It is The Red Pepper.

        I had supper there last night and very good it was too

        I posted about it

        Well worth a try as there is precious little else of any worth at that end of Upper St and The Holloway Rd


        1. so bu san is closed? sad.

          1. There is a sign i the window saying that they are closed for refurb and will be reopening " just down the street" in 2008.

            That rather funny store selling clinical weighing scales next door is closed too so I suspect that the block is being redeveloped