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Jun 22, 2006 02:36 PM

Paris--French-Caribbean/Antilles & French-African

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I've done much searching, but I can't seem to find a list of French-Caribbean restaurants. We'll staying 2 minutes from San Michel Metro. I have only been able to find CHEZ MAX, there must be others due to the huge french caribbean population there. I'd love to learn of French African eateries as well. Inexpensive to moderate pricing. Because I can search in English only, I can't use the real Parisian food sites well. Thanks for any tips.

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  1. General French African? Including North and West African in Paris?

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      Either would be fine. Thanks.

    2. Here are two French sites I like, and I don't think it takes any language skills to find what you are looking for:

      Simply click on the link "international" on the right hand side of the page. You will then have a list of cuisines. Select your choice. "Afrique de nord" is North African. "Afrique noire" means black African. I don't think they list Antilles on this site, possibly Creole.


      Enter the site from the first page. Then, on the left you will see a box for cuisine. Scroll through the choices. Creole for Caribbean/Antilles (but this will also include Indian Ocean isles such as Reunion and Mauritius). They will also list African choices.

      Let us know how you do.

      1. Definitely: LA TABLE DE BABETTE !
        Not the most affordable, just the best french carribean.
        The chef and owner, Babette de Rozieres, worked for the restaurant Louis XV at Monaco, and even for the Royal Cour of Morocco !
        Restaurant is Avenue de Longchamps, Paris XVIth.
        For African (western african) food, very affordable and good food, try "Le Ganvié" in Rue Lafayette, north from Gare du Nord. The owner, Arsène, is a true gentleman !

        1. Thanks for the suggestions--I'll check these out. I can't wait to eat in Paris!

          1. If you can read French, here is information on La Table de Babette. If not there are some nice pictures of the restaurant.