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Jun 22, 2006 01:09 PM

Paris in August

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Hi there, I will be travelling to Paris the first week of August with my husband and three kids (ages 16, 14, 11). Anyone have any recommendations on decent (non-touristy) places that will be open in August. The kids have pretty sophisticated tastes given their ages, so they don't need to have kid's menus etc.


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    elise rabekoff

    These recommendations are a couple of years old, but our kids loved them (they were then 12 and 10):

    Cap Vernet: terrific, fresh seat food.
    Butte Chaillot: great tempura shrimp, gazpacho, roast chicken.
    Pre Catalan: our kids still talk about the cheese course. Expensive, but worth it. Only problem with going in August is that hare isn't in season, so you can't get the remarkable hare a la lievre. Another problem is shielding the eyes of your sensitive plants from the ladies of the night you'll pass in the cab on the way to the restaurant!

    Julien and Au Pied du Cochon are also open. If you order carefully, those can be good, too. The profiteroles at Julien are particularly memorable, since the chocolate sauce is poured from on high at the table.