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Jun 22, 2006 09:48 AM

Six days in near Siracusa...

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Hello. I'm honeymooning in Sicily the third week of July and would love some dining/snacking suggestions near Siracusa/east coast of Sicily.
Anything goes as long as it's delicious!
We spent two weeks in Tuscany last summer and I have to say that despite much research (chowhound, etc.) the food was mostly disappointing... so I'm wiping the slate clean, cleansing my palate and preparing for Sicilia!

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    The Turtle (Bay) Dove

    I just got back from two weeks in Sicily - I hope this weekend I'll do a real trip report - but definitely one of the better meals we had in Siracusa was at Da Mariano (which I'm sure I must have found rec's for in past postings here). No menu - waitress just mentioned choices - tons of locals - hospitable and officious in a good way owner - lots of fun and delicious.

    We also went to La Foglia which was crazy fun decor but food was just ok - not bad but not great. I guess if you're starved for English, it would be nice as the front of the house guy (and most of the patrons when we were there) were English-speakers.

    I'll try to get to a longer trip report soon!

    1. I liked Don Camillo in Siracusa very much. Please do not miss the pasta with ricci (sea urchin) which you should be able to find at DC and other places. Another place on Ortygia, with more innovative food and a contemporary decor, is Le Baronie....spaghetti with lemon/butter was heavenly. I was disappoined in Da Mariano, by the way....

      1. I hope this isn't too late for you...

        La Medusa at the south end of Ortigia was by far our favorite place (dinner only) - located east/inland from the Fonte Aretusa. Great antipasto table & daily specials of seasonal fish were our picks...

        ...but in general, the more languages on the menu, the sadder we were with the food.


        1. Aaah, La Medusa. I had vongole there that still haunt me. It and the place below were recommended by the owners of this B&B:

          The next time any one goes to Siracusa, I highly recommend the Pizzeria - Ristorante Del Farone on Traversa Caderini 22
          (about 15 minutes south of the city on the peninsula where the lighthouse is) Well worth the small effort to get there. I can't say enough about the food and warmth of the people. I dined there 5 times within 8 days.

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            Marco, you've been more than kind to provide info on so many posts re: dining in Sicily. I appreciate your help.

          2. Glad to be of some help. Sicily is the place for me. I wish I could arrange to live there for the winters. I also have a list of pasticceria's all over the island that I've known and loved. I save the napkins from each one.