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Where do the top chefs eat after hours?

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Anyone know? Thanks...

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  1. curious - why do you want to know?

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      Because I plan to stay up all night next weekend and try some late night eateries, but only the ones that come highly recommended.

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          I think you mean Blue Ribbon. Blue Hill does not stay open into the wee hours.

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        spotted pig. was there twice around the time of the beard awards. both nights betw. 1 and say 3 am. the place was all chefs with the exception of the youngest wife from big love and her three friends.

      2. After tolling away in their own restaurants, chefs usually prefer to keep it simple when they visit restaurants after-work. I heard Daniel Boulud likes to visit particular Chinatown spots in the later hours. Forgot the particular names, but any late spots for cheap grubs.

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          I used to be a co-exec chef and partner in a group of restaus (not in NYC), and after working in the kitchen 12+ hours, it's quite strange and ironic how one craves the least fancy (yet still tasty) of places. Perhaps we're tired and don't want to dress up and be somewhere formal/ elegant at midnight, or those places are closed by then. Other times, rare as they were when I left early, would go to other friends' establishments to be friendly (and check out the competition!).

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            Exactly-- I would usually hit a diner for a grilled cheese and onion rings after a busy night.

        2. I have seen Paul Liebrant, Wylie Dufresne and Jean Georges Vongerichten while hanging out at Room 4 Dessert in Soho.

          1. I'm not a chef but I am a waiter and we get much hungrier after work.

            There's so much out there, it totally depends on location. I work in the flatiron district so Bar Jamon and Bar Veloce are standards for cheese and wine after work. I prefer Jamon but Veloce stays open much later. If you want more of a complete meal after hours there's always Blue Ribbon, although IMHO they're way over rated. Some old stand-bys are great (raw bar, bone marrow, fondue) but I find so many other things to be over priced for sub par quality. And their glassware is laughable.

            Inoteca on the lower east side is always great as is Employees Only in the west village, although they can get a bit crowded and sceney on weekends. Also I've heard great things about Mas (Farmhouse) in the west village, although I've never been myself.

            Hope this was helpful!

            1. You might poke around this site for information.

              Link: http://chef2chef.net/

              1. Whenever I've been to Momofuku very late, I've seen kitchen crews turn up. Heard the Daniel crew goes there, among others. If you haven't had their pork buns yet, they're delicious and going late is the best time to go because they're tiny and get slammed during main dinner service.

                (Not really late night and not really after hours but: Mario Batali's said he gets food delivered from Grand Sichuan on St Mark's a few times a week. I doubt soup dumplings travel well, but the rest of their menu is equally delicious and and cheap.)

                1. new york noodle town (hester and bowery), blue ribbon sushi, inoteca, congee village (allen st.), bereket (houston and orchard), sushi seki (62nd and 1st.), and of course wo hop (to end the night after a night of drinking, nothing like snails with black bean sauce at 5:30am - #17 mott st., downstairs)...hope this helps.

                  1. Blue Ribbon, Mas, Fatty Crab all attract kitchen crews late night.

                    1. Blue Ribbon, open 'til 4AM...excellent and the bone marrow a MUST! Mas farmhouse totally chic little downtown farmhouse amazing cuisine on another level completely - higher culinary level that is. Chef Galen Zamarra's emphasis on regional seasonal ingredients and active participation in the Slow Foods movement are also worth noting!! BAO 111, Vietnamese in Alphabet City, is another great choice and the frog legs - yumm-yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! Sushi Seki, uptown is well worth the trek. i've spotted Jean Georges at la Esquina...though, he has the celebrity to get past the door men. Park Blue on W 58th St, just opposite Alain Ducasse at the Essex House, has a nice little bar menu available late, late night. not sure how late 5Ninth in the MeatPackingDistrict serves, however, it does command the Industry crowd - Thomas Keller took his staff there to celebrate Per Se's NYTimes 4-star review by Frank Bruni. le Bateau Ivre, Midtown East, has a large wine list, great Duck dish and Escargots ; ) Public in NoLIta gets hit with the Industry crowd and another AvroKO designed downtown spot, the Stanton Social, has a great menu for groups...also, Employees Only known for it's cocktail list and my favorite Steak Tartare in the City!!!!!!

                      1. There is a new show on tv called "After Hours with Daniel Boulud"
                        It is a whole series devoted to answering the question -- where do chefs eat after hours?

                        it is a very realistic and appetizing show. I watched it wed night.
                        It is on the mojo inhd network.