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Jun 22, 2006 12:02 PM

East Harlem... Must eats?

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I am going to be working up here around 1st and 117th. Anyplaces I have to try?

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  1. patsy's pizza
    not too close, but good, are itzocan bistro and el paso, on lexington
    can you check out the taco options around there (there seem to be lots) and report back?

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    1. re: freddie

      I can't recall names, but there are many good places to eat spanish food all along 116 from Park Ave going East. You must try one of those fresh juices places (jugos de ...), empanadas, pasteles, many bakeries too. Cheap fruits and vegetables for snacking too. There are a couple of korean fish fry/steam places if I recall as well.