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Jun 22, 2006 06:19 AM

Contender for best egg cream

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I've always liked Eisenberg's, GemSpa, the no-name candy/hot dog/newspaper stand on Avenue A, Katz's, the Speckled Trout and even Yonah Shimmel's but yesterday I tried the relatively new Soda Shop on Chambers Street and man they whipped up a mean egg cream.

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    As a huge egg cream fan, as soon as I read your post I went over but I had a different experience. Way to much milk and chocalate, it was a mess. On top of that it was served in a plastic 12 oz cup,was not filled anywhere near the top and they charged me $3.25. Making an egg cream is an art, so I will try again, but at that price I will need much more consistency to be a regular.

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      I hear you. I think it may also depend on who is making it. I think that the place has good intentions and the right ingredients to make an authentic egg cream.Next time maybe also tell them that it's not to go so they use the coke glass (which I think is half the battle). Keep me posted.

    2. Russ and Daughters recently added egg creams to their repetoire. Excellent.

      1. Does Russ and Daughters have a cafe now in the store? I used to buy the best Lox in the world there. Nova that was very sweet and mild. forget the name. but have been looking for it ever since.