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Jun 22, 2006 07:24 PM

What should I eat while in Sea Isle City

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I'll be spending a few days in Sea Isle (Townsend Inlet). I've never been before and I was just wondering if there was anything that really stands out. I'll be with a bunch of family.

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  1. Brennan's Bayside. Excellent innovative Italian. BYOB.

    1. Red Sky Cafe on Rt 9. Its BYOB, southwestern cuisine

      1. We've been vacationing in Sea Isle for years and always seem to have a great meal at Braca's Cafe which is in the center of town.

        1. Red Sky struck me as way overpriced when I went there a couple years ago.

          However, also on Route 9, in a strip mall behind a McDonalds is an Italian/Pizza place called Mamma Mia's. Try the bruschetta pizza, the antipasto for two (the beans alone are to die for), and if they're offering it when you go, any of their bisques will warm your belly with creamy goodness.