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Pilot House, Brick, NJ

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Last night (Wed Jube 21) 3 friends and myself went to dinner at The Pilot House. The service was terrible (waitress got lost someplace). We waited nearly 45 minutes for our appies, we waited another 50 more minutes for dinner. Over 1 1/2 hrs for one of the worst meals I have ever eaten. My food (Veal Milanese) was a plate of cold pasta,dried and burnt veal.

The waitress finally showed up at our table and asked how everything was, I bluntly told HORRIBLE, to remove this garbage from infront of me and to remove the charge from our bill. She never sent the manager over, nor did she offer us any coffe or dessert on the house. (Not good business)

When we finally did see the manager and told him of the situation, he apologize very nonchantly.

Best advice I can give anyone thinking of going to The Pilot House, don't.

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  1. Barbara, I agree with you 100%!!! That place is terrible!! We went there last year with both my husband's parents as well as mine. Rude service, over priced, meals came out at all different times, (my parents were finished with their meals before my husband and I got ours), drinks were all mixed up, (we ordered 4 cosmopolitans, a bottle of coors light, and Johnny Walker Balck on the rocks, the girl came back with 4 SHOTS of lemon drops, a bottle of Bud, and VO on the rocks...idiot) so I could not agree with you more!! I wish someone with some innovation would buy the place!!!

    1. Angelina, your experience was as bad as mine. I do not know why the place is always busy. I the only thing that I can possibly think of is that the restuarant goers in this area are clueless when it comes to good food and good service.

      1. i agree with all of you! unfortunately here in ocean county most of the waterfront restaurants are not very good. i guess people go for the view, but locals do not return.

        1. NEVER EVER EVEEERRR go for brunch..... I went about a month ago, and the bill came to $48.00 for two people with 1 mimosa(SP? i don't drink haha), so back to the meal. The green salad was good, along with the mini pastries (most likely not made in the building). So onto the other salads, gross... non creative pasta salads with to much mayonnaise with out a fresh taste. French toast was good, eggs..... runny, they should only make a small batch this way they're not soggy and tough, and people get a fresh quality they deserve. Sausage, looked like they got some jimmy deans and cooked them up. Bacon was crunchy. Onto the "dinner food", well what was there.... The food they did have looked so absurd i didn't even try, the only food that sounded appetizing was the stuffed flounder.... opened the catering container, there weren't any and for the hour we were there none was made. Prime rib station, fatty pieces of dry meat. Pastas station, that was the real end to my faith, sauces were flavorless watered down and served with a cheap cheese (probably out of a KRAFT cheese canister ya know the ones sold un chilled on shelves.) Omelets were burnt, and service reminded me of diner servers. I have no clue how they got they can boast so much. ***For breakfast suggestions*** try Mariners cove in Brielle (my favorite breakfast place), Turning Point in Long Branch,Holmdel and Manalapan,Little Silver, and Hoboken or save 18 bucks and go to the IHOP and you'll prolly get better food and service.

          1. I agree with everybody also. Unfortunately, when we go visit my boyfriend's sister who lives nearby, that's where their mother wants to go, so I have no choice.

            1. My sister in law is going to the Pilot House every Wed. for the Sushi specials. She loves to go out for Sushi, but she is on a budget and she says the prices are good and the Sushi is "ok" (she likes Sawa in Monmouth County best) but my folks were very un-impressed by the Pilot House. We've lived in Brick for 30 years and they've only been there twice. Both times (years apart) the meals were overpriced and nothing to shout about. For oceanfront dining they choose the Warfside in Point Pleasant.


              1. Wow! Lots of haters here on Chow! I'll give my honest opinion on The Pilot House, as a Brick Resident for 2 years now, and after about 10-12 visits.

                I have been to Brunch twice. It is an amazing way to spend $20 on a sunday! You go, eat a from a big breakfast selection with your free momosa, then chill out for a few, and grab some varying lunch dishes, and they always have a pasta bar and nice homemade desserts to choose from.

                We are going to Pilot House for Thanksgiving for the 2nd year in a row this year. THey have a great classic spread, and also have 7 other entrees for those who are sick of turkey!

                Their sushi is a steal and is high quality 4 out of the 4 times I have sampled it.

                Bad experiences. One day, we were partying and we called pilot house with a big order for sushi, about $200 worth. They said "No, we cant take your order, call back in an hour" We called back an hour later and they said no, we are too busy. That really felt like a slap in the face! $200 worth of sushi?!?

                Another time, it took about 20 m in. to get drink and another 15 minutes to get the order taken. Generally the service is okay.

                My wife gets The Perfect Storm every time, a pasta dish with 3 types of seafood cooked in... it's just too good for her to NOT order it!

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                  bgbop15, my time and my money are too important to me to waste either on a second rate restuarant. If the managers at the Pilot House were smart, they wuld have told you that it would that your order would be ready in an hour and not tell u to call back in an hour. To me that is just poor business dealings. There are so many sushi places around that area, that the Pilot House should just be glad that someone wanted to spend $ 200 in a below level restuarant.

                  Expand your sushi list. Try Ikko, try Osaka, Shogun and then you will realize what good sushi is all about.

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                    Ikko is the best hibachi in town! Sushi was mediocre though...

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                      Have you tried A-1 Japaness Steak House on Rt 9 in Toms River, It is where Stop and Shop is located. Their hibachi is very good.

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                        can you please elaborate a bit on what makes it good.....to me they are all mostly the same....is A-1 any different then the rest.


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                          ok some of you are going overboard i think...i will agree that the entrees took awhile to come out, but the waitress was good and served us well...the antipasto was good, nicely chopped up, etc...they dont have coke, its rc cola, which i noticed right away...i had the chix parm and enjoyed it, i have had bad chix parms out, this was good..my mom enjoyed her shrimp scampi and my dad enjoyed his open clams...food was fine, wait is a lil bit of a bitch

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                            the place is a mess and has been so for years .I remember ordering lobster tail which came withthe bottom half frozen , told wait staff and was told that chef said it is fine !!Over heard the same wait staff say ''he ain't gettin no free lobster from me '' needless to say never can back !!