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Jun 22, 2006 02:50 PM

Weekend in Providence Rhode Island

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My wife and I are heading down to Providence Rhode Island for the weekend. Does anyone have some recommendations on where to eat?

Someone told me a lot of great places on Atwells Avenue.

Also told to go down to "Spain" in Narragansett.

thanks in advance.

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  1. What type of food are you looking for? Price important?

    As for Spain, I'd avoid the one in Narragansett....crowded and the food tends to suffer. I haven't been in a couple of years but I always thought the Cranston Spain was much better.

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    1. re: Jane

      If you do Atwells Ave. try Pan e Vino for very good, romantic, reasonably priced italian food. On South Main Street Parkside is a fun NY bistro type place, very good grilled meats and their veal pasta dish is lovely. If price is no object Gracie's on Washington is excellent, as is Chez Pascal on Hope.

      1. re: Jenkins

        I second these recommendations, and would add that you could also try Meditteranneo or Siena on Atwells. Constantino's too (w/a nice outdoor patio by a fountain).

        Are you interested in breakfast/brunch? Rue de L'espoir on Hope (casual bistro feel), Julian's on Broadway (funky boho) or Nick's on Broadway (gourmet diner) are all excellent. Nick's has the least atmosphere but would probably be my pick of the three.

    2. I wouldn't say food is the most important, but I know price doesn't necessarily mean best place to eat. We live in Boston right now, and this is our first visit down there.

      Maybe a hidden gem? Someone told me Spain, because we love Tapas, but it doesn't sound like the place we want.

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      1. re: FunFoodie

        Neither Spain restaurant serves tapas.

        I linked the Cranston website below.


      2. Haven't been in several years, but Al Forno was always splendid. Any locals have a recent report?

        Also, the VFW Post in Cranston has the most authentic Italo-American cooking ever. (No kidding.)

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        1. re: mfkfisher

          mfk nice to see you slumming on chowhound 8<D

          Al Forno is still great -- we were there a few months ago and it's as good as ever. The wait can be long but the bar area is a great place to wait, have some wine, and mingle with the monied Providence crowd.

          Also, N.B. the restaurant at the VFW is called Mike's Cafe.

          1. re: wintkat

            dittos on Pastiche, a great place to visit after a meal on the Hill, be it pizza at Caserta's or something nicer.

          2. You have dozens of great options. My personal favorite on Atwells - known as Federal Hill (fans of Cheers will remember this as the place Carla grew up) is Casa Christine (no credit cards, and Christine can be a nut, but that's part of the fun). Viola's is good, Sienna is good, so is Casserino's. In the city, I loved 10 Prime Steak and Sushi. Al Forno is a great choice - often written up in magazines and my niece waitresses there - you would not believe the celebs that go there. Outside the city, Chez Pascale is lovely. Oh, and Pot Au Feu in the city, Julia Child considered it her favorite French restaurant.