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Jun 22, 2006 09:52 AM

Good family restaurants around Naples or Sebago Lake, Maine?

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I'm going to be in the Sebago/Long Lake/Naples area just northwest of Portland over the weekend. Are there any good casual dining spots in the area that are good? Family restaurants, diners, and pubs are all ok. Thanks!

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    See Windham ME thread from 6/19 below for a few suggestions.

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      Thanks...sounds like slim pickings up there!

      Does anyone know if there are any restaurants right on Sebago Lake or Long Lake?

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        Rick's Cafe is in Naples on Rte 302 directly opposite the Lake with outdoor deck.I have not been there in a while but remember it as decent pub/american food. They did have live music in the evening and drew a younger, rowdier crowd at night; comfortable for families during the day and dinner hour.

        1. re: HDinCentralME

          For most intents and purposes the answer to the question, "Are there any good restaurants on Sebago Lake?" is no. Not only are there no GOOD restaurants on Sebago Lake, there aren't even any BAD restaurants on Sebago Lake.

          Rick's Cafe in Naples overlooks Long Lake. It features fine, pub fare. The Freedom Cafe, which is a couple hundred yards north, across the street on Route 302 is also a good choice - I think the food is a little better there too.

          The Olde Mill Tavern at the North End of Long Lake in Harrison is another, fine pub/family restaurant choice. It's not ON Long Lake, but it is a short, scenic walk away.

          The best place to stop for sandwiches and lunch in the Lakes Region is the Maine Bean, at the corner of River Road and Route 302, just before you get into the commercial strip in North Windham. It is an upscale sandwich shop that needs to be seen to be believed - their roast beef sandwiches are gourmet quality. In fact, its the only application of the word "gourmet" that I can attribute to a restaurant in the Sebago Lake region.

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        Without debating the relative merits of Cole Farms, I will point out that it is over twenty miles and (per Mapquest) 37 minutes away from where this discussion is focused.

      2. The food at Rick's is terrible...and in the summer it is packed with tourists.

        I suggest Bray's Pub & Brewery. It is located just East of the main strip in Naples (over the draw bridge), across the street from the Antique's barn and a Rite Aid shopping center.

        The food is typical pub fare, and pretty good at that. Bray's has its own brews, made on the premises.They also feature guest brew's on top, so each night you go there will be something new to try. They have live music several nights a week, outdoor seating, a horseshoe pit, and they bring out a giant fire pit on cold evenings.

        They tend to be wary of "out-of-towners" but if you don't get out of line, you're good to go.

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