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Breakfast place??

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My best friend and I are looking for a place in Boston that serves amazing breakfasts. We will be going on a week day so crowds won't be a problem. Looking for a mid-range type of place.
Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!

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  1. I really like Steve's on the corner of Hereford & Newbury in the Back Bay. It's quite good and inexpensive. Trident Cafe can be good as well but sometimes when I've gone the service isn't great. Maybe when it's less busy in the week it'd be better?? Not sure though as I've only gone on weekends.

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      Mmmm, the Trident breakfast burrito is so good. Very fresh ingredients.

    2. how about beacon hill bistro? or johnny's luncheonette in newton center. beacon hill bistro is fancier (though not too expensive) while johnny's serves good'ol american fare (yum!). both are mad crowded on weekends.

      Link: http://bostonchomps.blogspot.com

      1. Charlie's Sandwich Shop on Columbus St. in the South End is the Boston breakfast spot. Blueberry pancakes or muffins, hot sausage, turkey hash, homefries. communal tables, 70 years old, and family fun. What more could you ask for.

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          Breakfast Club

          I guess the suggestions I will make depend upon your definition of good breakfast. Some folks really like the greasy spoon/hearty diner fare while others like a more upscale breakfast offering different combinations you wouldn't get at a diner. Big difference between preferring two eggs over easy with home fries vs. lobster benedict.

          That said, my suggestions are more casual in nature and not as upscale, but still are worth the trip.

          Mike's City Diner - South End. Hearty breakfasts that I haven't heard anyone say a negative word about.

          Terrie's Place - South Boston. Tiny place with a great "Mom and Pop" atmosphere. The Banana Nut French Toast is to die for... A personal favorite. If you like flavored coffee's get a cup of the Snickerdoodle coffee.

          Charlie's Sandwich Shop - Columbus Ave. Turkey Hash. Mmmmm... I agree with the previous post on this place... Communal tables add to the charm.

          Zaftigs - Brookline. Is it as good as a New York Deli? In my opinion not really, but the Banana Stuffed French Toast is still VERY good. On Harvard Ave in Brookline. Bit more upscale than the greasy spoon, but still casual.

          Across the River is...

          Rosebud Diner - Classic Worcester Car Diner that also has a liquor license interestingly enough. Davis Square Somerville.

          Sound Bites - Cramped quarters but very good breakfast. Ultra crowded on weekends, but not sure about weekdays. Teele Square area in Somerville.

          Kelly's Diner - Classic Diner fare down the street in Teele Square Somerville. Greasy Spoon at it's best.

          If you venture out to Newton/Watertown area (near where I grew up)...

          Johnny's Luncheonette - Previous poster mentioned this one and I concur. Terrific offerings that are a little different from classic diner fare. Cornbread Crusted French Toast is very good. Also had an egg scrambled with pastrami and cheese once. Very good. Newton Center. More of a restaurant feel, but still very comfortable and casual.

          Deluxe Town Diner - Mt. Auburn Street Watertown. Another classic Worcester Car Diner with terrific breakfast. 5 or 6 types of pancakes/flapjacks. I believe Johnny Cakes is on the menu. Love their omelettes which are a bit smaller than some other places but delicious. Any place that lets me have blue cheese in my omelette goes to the top of the list. Good homefries in my opinion as well.

          Victor's - North Beacon Watertown. Greasy spoon fare right near the Perkins School for the Blind. Bring your appetite as they give you entirely too much food for what you order. Omelette's are enormous!!! Not upscale at all, and I like that...

          One last favorite which is another tiny whole in the wall in Watertown right near Watertown Square is The New Yorker on Mt. Auburn Street. Not a large breakfast menu and they barely stray from the very basics, but I still love their omelettes, homefries and small diner charm. Scali toast served before your breakfast arrives. Classic greasy spoon and very quick...

          Upscale breakfast places are not my specialty, so I'd leave that to someone else, but Johnny's and Zaftigs have more of a restaurant feel, although the breakfasts are still very hearty and delicious. Went to Henrietta's Table for Brunch once and although the food was very good, it's more for an event than for a casual breakfast. Still delicious, but I tend to stay more with the more casual side of the coin.

          Hope this helps...

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            Henrietta's brunch is only available on weekends. But they do serve a lovely (if slightly overpriced) weekday breakfast [menu here: http://henriettastable.com/menus/brea...]. On nice days, the outdoor seating is a bonus.

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              In my experience the food at Henrietta's for breakfast (not the expensive Sunday brunch) is quite good, but unfortunately the service is downright awful. They seem to hire a lot of part-time help to deal with the weekend rush and no one on the staff seems to know what they're doing. I'd skip it unless you're very patient.

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              I would add to the "across the river" options, Johnny D's awesome brunch, as well as the new brunch available at Redbones.

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                FWIW, Kelly's Diner is in Ball Sq., not Teele Sq.

              2. Metropolis Cafe hands down the best.

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                  Since no one else has mentioned it, I must say I agree--Metropolis is worth checking out for breakfast. Not sure if it is open mid-week though.

                2. Without a doubt, Charlie's.

                  1. I'll definitely second the suggestion of Mike's City Diner on Washington St. (next door to Toro).

                    They have the best omelets in the city, in my opinion. Huge, fluffy eggs, stuffed with all sorts of different goodies. My favorites are the Greek omelet with loads of feta, spinach and tomatoes, and the Corned Beef Hash omelet, stuffed with hash and lots of cheddar cheese. They also have awesome homefries, or grits, which come with. If you don't like eggs, they also make great pancakes with fruit, and french toast.

                    1. I really like McKenna's in Savin Hill, Dorchester. The people are friendly, the breakfasts are delicious, and it has a nice neighborhood feel to it. And it's right next to the Savin Hill T Stop.

                      1. Soundbites in Ball Square not Teele Square.

                        1. Rachel's Kitchen, 12 Church St., Bay Village in the Back Bay is a comfy, cozy, delightful little place with really fresh ingredients http://www.rachelskitchenboston.com/

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                            I second or third the visit to Sound Bites in Somerville. I had an amazing tomato, basil & mozzarella omelette there.

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                              I'll second the Rachel's recommendation : the food's always good and they're really nice there. It's a tiny place, though.

                            2. I'd also consider Volle Nolle in the North End.

                              1. Sound Bites is indeed a great place for breakfast. One note, though: they don't like it when people dawdle, so don't expect to have a slow, laid-back, mellow breakfast there.

                                1. I'm so tired of fighting crowds at breakfast places only to pay $10 for fried eggs that my new go-to breakfast/brunch place is the bar at Abe & Louie's. At least when I pay $20 for breakfast I've had a perfect omelette and don't need to shower after I leave. So. I suggest one of their omelettes.

                                  Or the Trident, I'll 2nd that earlier reco.

                                  Mass is seriously lacking in 24 hr Greek diners - 2 per town should be the minimum ;-)!!

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                                    LOL...about 4 months ago, I posted a question here about finding a "typical" NJ-style Greek Diner...the 24 hour ones with "all pies baked on premises". The consensus was that they don't exist at all here. It's a shame. I can't imagine one of those not being successful here. Maybe you and I should open one? :)

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                                      Someone told me that it had to do with MA "blue laws" and not having 24 hr diners. And I guess to make money they have to serve pies baked on the premises all day all night.

                                      Can't imagine that their any more puritanical than CT!

                                  2. Some of my favorite places are that are really good and cheap:

                                    1. The Paramount on Charles St in Beacon Hill - get the bacon, spinach blue cheese omelette - it is amazing.
                                    2. Thorthan's Fenway Grill on Peterbrough in the Fenway - it's like a really good dinner with EXCELLENT omelettes and they serve breakfast everyday till 3pm.
                                    3. The Breakfast club in Allston - a bit of a greesy spoon but so yummy and so cheap.

                                    And my all time favorite that is a tad pricey but worth ever penny:
                                    Zaftigs in coolidge corner (on harvard ave). Everything on the menu is amazing.

                                    1. Greenhouse in Harvard Sq. and S&S in Inman Sq. were my favs for a cheaper, hearty breakfast(but it has been 3 years and others can probably attest to the quality of those places today).

                                      1. Soundbites in Ball Square has excellent food. Yummy Waffles with fruit, and no place like home fries--mashed potatoes with a bt of citrus, grilled till crispy...yummy. The menu is also eye candy--too many options. MMM