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Jun 22, 2006 08:43 AM

Dim Sum in Boston

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I'm from NY, but will be in Boston for a few days in July. I love Dim Sum an dhave been to all the popular places in NYC. Where can I find good Dim Sum in Boston? Will it compare to NYC? Should I not waste a meal on it? Thank you.

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  1. There is excellent dim sum in Boston but I cannot say it would be anything distinctive worth a detour; I would focus on experiences you cannot readily find in NY, if it were up to me....

    1. If you've been to all the good places in NYC, I wouldn't bother. If you have to try it, there's China Pearl and Hei La Moon as the best representives in Boston (CP is more consistent, but HLM does some stuff better/worse).

      IMHO, dim sum quality is:
      Boston < NYC < San Fran < Toronto < Vancouver < H.K.

      and that's coming from an asian person... :-)

      1. I cannot compare Boston dim sum to NYC dim sum but the dim sum at Hei La Moon is excellent, it is also very good at China Pearl and Chau Chau City. I don't think you would be wasting a meal at any of these.

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          I would not recommend CCC. CP and HLM's dim sum is far fresher-tasting, less greasy, and better made, IMHO. I've been to CCC about 3 times, and each visit was disappointing, compared to HLM and CP.

        2. Hei La Moon and China Pearl are your best bets for a decent dim sum fix. If you're doing the touristy things in Boston, Chinatown is just around the corner.

          *I* think they're comparable, though it's a while since I've been to New York. There's definitely a regional difference.

          By the way, I recently completed a class project about dim sum in Boston. (linked) I hope it's useful.


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            Cool! Someone else with a dim sum web page.


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              You have better pictures! I've been lurking here for a while. It was doing that project that made decide to start posting.

          2. IMO dim sum in nyc is way better. Nothing in boston compares. There is however a great taiwanese (northern chinese) dim sum place in Newton (chung shin yuan). about 20 minutes from boston. check out my review and photos on this place.. and hope this helps :) ... there is always a line out the door on weekends!