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Jun 22, 2006 06:32 PM

Any thoughts on Peristyle?

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My Concierge is recommending this restaurant (Peristyle 1041 Dumaine) when I asked for good, local creole with a nice atmosphere. I can't find any reference on the board, though. Anyone been or care to comment?

I've considered Couchon, as we loved Herbsaint last time here. Also sounds like Lilette and Brigstens are good bets, though my wife wants more pure creole or cajun than Lilette seems to offer.

Would love other insights if you have them, too.

Many thanks - and it's great to be back in NOLA! The city looks good and the people are being wonderful - everyone should make their way down soon!

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  1. I just did a little better searching and found lots of posts about Peristyle, especially discussing the chef change. Sounds like it's still good, though maybe not GREAT. Now I'm balancing between Brigtsen's and Peristyle. I trust Groovin' Gourmet for all his NM and AZ chatter that's always right on, so maybe Brigtsen's is better, but Peristyle is convenient to the hotel. Might be based on which I can get into at this point, I guess! Still appreciate any insight.

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    1. re: T-Bird

      Having eaten at both, I would consider Peristyle to be very good...but Brigsten's is great. In fact, of the hundreds of fine restaurants in which I've been lucky enough to dine, Brigsten's is at or very near the top.

      1. re: steeleye

        Peristyle is not even an option when up against Brigsten's...and if you can't get into Brigsten's- try Dante's across the street for some good local choices

      2. re: T-Bird

        Even when Peristyle was at the top of its game (and it was great at one time -- and may still be: I haven't been in a long time), I would have recommended Brigtsen's.

        Forget about convenience. Go for the best.

      3. I live in the Quarter and have eaten twice at Peristyle recently (in the last 2 months) and have had not very good meals both times. Especially the last time when my fish was terribly overcooked--something that should never happen in New Orleans. I wouldn't recommend it except to go to the bar which is real pretty.

        1. I would recommend Peristyle over Brigtsen's, especially for the convenience factor. I had a great meal there last fall, and my BIL had a good experience there a few weeks ago. Peristyle is more haute creole (I'm making up terms here) while Brigtsen's is more... homey, ie, most of the entrees are served with the same sides. Still fantastic, though, you'll be happy with either.

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          1. re: Jess

            Most of the entrees are served with the same sides? You must not have eaten at the same Brigtsen's I've eaten at dozens of times.

            1. re: Blumie

              Yes, the last time I was there, 3 out of the 4 people at my table had the same vegetables and mashed potatoes with different entrees. I haven't been there post-K.

              1. re: JGrey

                I agree with Jess...I love Brigtsen's too, but they do tend to fill out plates with the same sides. In other words, every entree doesn't always have "custom" sides.

                Regarding Peristyle, under Anne Kearney's reign, it was definitely better than Brigtsens, IMHO. But I haven't been in the Wolf era, and certainly haven't been post-Katrina.

                1. re: Hungry Celeste

                  Well, that's three against one! I guess I've never really paid attention to this before.

                  I agree that Peristyle under Kearney was great, but even then, for a visitor looking for a more "pure" NO experience, I would have recommended Brigtsen's.

                  1. re: Hungry Celeste

                    I never got to go while Anne Kearney was still there, sadly.

                    Just for the record, Blumie, it's only 2 to 1, I posted as Jess on the old board, but when forced to choose a permanent login here, I went with Jgrey, as I've seen other Jesses posting on General Topics.

            2. Boy- Marti's was great. That was the restaurant long before it became Peristyle. They were open into the mid 80's, but it was Tennessee Williams' favorite place.