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Jun 22, 2006 02:23 PM

Stillwater, MN: Best on-the-water Restaurant?

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Got some family coming to town this weekend. Where should we take them in Stillwater for a nice dinner on the water? Bar/Grill would be perfectly good.

We've never been to Stillwater so any other recs are greatly appreciated as well.


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  1. Just know that wherever you go, whatever you order will be served with a side dish of non-stop 200 decibel Harleys roaring through town and across the bridge into Wisconsin.

    I know this isn't much help as far as you finding great chow, but in this case it quite possibly could prevent you from experiencing an enjoyable meal. Personally, on a summer weekend, I wouldn't even consider Stillwater as a place for a nice meal, especially on the water.

    But, I hope your experience proves me wrong.

    1. I heartily agree that what you're going to get in Stillwater is a snootful of suntan lotion and a loud boisterous crowd. Why not wend your way down 95 and take the family to Bayport and the Bayport Cookery? Whilst not on the water, Jim Kyndberg's got a beautiful patio dining room thang, and your meal will be quiet, gracious and consist of one of the best tasting menus in the area...whatever he's got on it.

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        Amen to the Bayport. Not on the water but also good in Stillwater is Nacho Mamas - no not your typical chain but real homemade and a full bar. Rudy's Hideaway in a little old log cabin is also a nice lunch or dinner with lots of interesting menu items and again, a full bar. As for the Harley's, etc. - give the place a break. It's a charming little town on a beautiful river enjoyed by all. Not many thriving main streets left like this one. Enjoy! We do often.

        1. I recommend the Dock Cafe - though their "inside" menu is better than the "deck" menu which is more burger / sandwich oriented - inside they do nice grilled meats and fish, pastas, decent salads, appetizers etc - it's not haute cuisine but definitely the best of the "on the river" options in Stillwater and reliable in the food department.

          Their Shrimp Diablo pasta is excellent.


          1. I know we're at the end of the weekend here, but 2 thoughts:

            1. Bayport Cookery is terrific. The pairing of the wines with the tastings is excellent, and Pierre (sommelier/head waiter) is great fun to chat with if he's not too busy.

            2. I highly recommend a glass of wine on the Northern Vineyards back deck at the north end of the main drag in Stillwater. Great view, enthusiastic staff, interesting wines, and supporting local agriculture!